You Wanted A Serious Flight Sim, You Got One

Many hardcore fans were upset at the demise of Microsoft's Flight Simulator franchise, as it was one of the only viable ways to fly a plane in a video game and not have to blow stuff up.

For you - and if you can stomach the shift to choppers - there is now Take On Helicopters.

It's a PC-only helicopter sim due for release later this year, and has been developed by Bohemia Interactive, the guys behind the ArmA series of ultra-realistic war games.

While it's not a combat game, ToH is built around missions, as you complete a variety of civilian tasks like lifting construction objects and even helping with firefighting.

Best part? It has a story, as you take charge of your father's struggle civil aviation company and have to help it get back on its feet.

As you can see in the trailer above, it's looking very pretty.


    So its like simcopter from last century only more serious?? cause simcopter was a great game.

    As someone who does research in aviation, the lack of a new flight sim product is a major issue. Most commercial simulators are based on FSX mods, which means where five years behind graphically. FSX is still quite realistic though.

    Or you can get DCS Black Shark right now for your combat helicopter fix!

    X-plane 10, and Microsoft Flight are due out this year. There is no lack of non combat flight sims.

    Ulgh, claiming to be a serious flight sim yet the "pilot" is flying from the left seat? Doesn't matter what country you're in, even the left handed pilots fly from the right hand seat. Otherwise it's alot harder for no reason.

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