Oh My God, It’s Carrier Command

Oh My God, It’s Carrier Command

First revealed nearly two years ago, Bohemia Interactive’s Carrier Command remake is looking bang on the money if this E3 trailer is anything to go by.

For those too young (or unfortunate enough) to have never played it, Carrier Command was a revolutionary 1988 PC game that combined vehicle simulation and strategy in the one title, as you led a futuristic aircraft carrier into battle.

You not only control the carrier and make strategic decisions, but you can also step into the pilot’s/gunner’s seat and do the killing manually. For the time, it was as fun as it sounds, and since Bohemia have plenty of experience with this stuff (being the creators of Operation Flashpoint and ArmA), there’s no other developer I’d like handling this than them.


  • Wasn’t this originally on the Amiga and Atari ST before the PC? Anyway, the Amiga version was AWESOME. Definitely interested in this.

  • I played this a few year ago via emulator, and while it took me awhile to figure out how to actually play the damn thing, it was quite good fun. Definetely will be keeping an eye on this.

  • yep, i spent a whole mess o’ hours on the Amiga version. great strategy-action mashup game.

    if they capture the spirit of the original then this will go well. multi-player could be really interesting.

  • I posted a few times that I was so disappointed that Carrier Command wouldn’t be at E3.
    I can’t freaking believe that it actually is!

    I loved this on the ST, and had been hoping the remake was still going, but was sure it was dead.

    Colour me excited!

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