China's Glorious Mission In Action Shows How The PLA Will Train Its Army With Games

Development of the People's Liberation Army video game, soon to be used to train China's armed forces, seems to be coming along nicely since last we heard about it.

In this video we get a look at how the first-person shooter will work, and how it was developed. Sifting through comments on the official website for the training game, it looks as if the developers say that it can't be turned into a game for the masses because it includes specific specs for Chinese military weapons. Isn't that half the fun?


    Wouldn't it be redundant if the training simulator gave them a heath bar?

      Who said it had to do anything to combat training, psychology is just as important.

    China's version of Battlefield maybe? lol

    /Insert joke about how all Chinese people look the same.

    Is this supposed to be similar to the Sim Bohemia did for several countries that was basically a more real/enhanced version of of Flashpoint?

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