Completing Super Mario Bros. In The Worst Way Possible

Speed runs of Super Mario Bros. are quite common, and incredible, but YouTube user NotEntirelySure has taken a different spin. He has attempted to complete Super Mario Bros. with the lowest score possible. A feat far more difficult than it first appears...

Getting the lowest score possible, for example, requires players to wait until the last possible second before finishing each levelm and avoiding every single coin in the game! NotEntirelySure finishes the game with only 600 points without losing a single life - and the skill involved is quite incredible.

"I pull off a couple interesting tricks and glitches to make this work," he writes. "In 4-2, I backwards jump into a few obstacles to scroll the screen without Mario to trick the pipe into taking me to the vine's usual location. In 8-1, I have to perform a pretty precise jump off a goomba to avoid some coins. Also, getting under the first set of 2 coins towards the end of this level takes a very careful jump, and always makes me nervous. In 8-4, I scroll the screen to just the right position to allow me to use some blocks as platforms. No wall jumps are required in this run at all."

If you don't have the time to watch the entire thing, I recommend fast forwarding to 3.15. The section follows is a brilliant representation of just how tough a low scoring run of Super Mario Bros. can be!

Via Reddit


    8-3 with the hammer bros was intense! Awesome Vid lml(^_^)lml

      I think I let out a little bit of wee, it was so intense!

      So intense, even more-so than a double rainbow.

    I don't even get WHY mario has points in it lol.

      For WIZARD gaming competitions.

    Wow. That's pretty amazing. Great vid and interesting self-set challenge!

    i've done something like this before, but i wasn't speedrunning. at the end of every level, i would wait until the time remaining was zero, and i touched the very bottom of the flag. i wouldn't kill any enemies or collect coins. in the end, i had 600 points too.

      Yeah, me too, and Jeremy down the street did it for breakfast, lunch and supper.

        ...okay then.

    Next thing you know, we'll be seeing 600 point speed runs :P

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