Dance Dance Final Fantasy

Dance Dance Final Fantasy

In a hilarious assault on common sense, Square Enix has announced a new Final Fantasy game – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, which is apparently a Final Fantasy… rhythm game?

Theartrhythm Final Fantasy, scheduled for release on the 3DS, uses music from previous Final Fantasy games, and puts them into familiar locales – such as dungeons, fields, etc – only this time round, in order to progress, you have to groove to the rhythm, tapping the screen according to prompts.

The rhythm genre isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the words ‘Final Fantasy’, but we’ll [snigger]try out best to keep an open mind for now!

3DS Final Fantasy Rhythm Game Announced [Andriasang]


  • Cutesy gimmick games based on Final Fantasy have been around for ages. Chocobo’s Dungeon was diabetes level sweet and that spawned sequals and spinoffs as well.

    Considering the popularity of rythm games like Osu! for the DS and the tendency for non console FF games to be different genres I figure this could potentially be cool.

    And by cool I of course mean fan wank.

  • Gods, just the idea of this had poisoned my brain. I’ve only just read about it now, and it already sounds like the lamest idea I’ve ever heard.

      • Step #26 then, how to hide the corpse of a franchise after you’ve sodomised it to death. Probably around the three hour mark of FF XIII

  • At first I imagined something like dace central with people doing Yuna’s summoning dance or her performance in X-2, but now I have images of the Ouendan and EBA teams dancing in FF dungeons and on FF fields.
    Honsetly not sure which is worse.

  • I almost made a Final Fantasy Kary joke, but then remembered that was an actual minigame in Crystal Chronicles.

  • Final Fantasy Theatrhythm vs. Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact. DANCE OFF.

    Actually, I would love to see Yoichi Wada go up against Suda 51 in on the disco arena.

  • This actually isn’t an awful idea. Final Fantasy is known for its impressive and powerful music – while it’s a bit of a cash grab, at least it’s a logical one.

  • Hi Square,

    You don’t know me… and, I know English isn’t your first language, but… I’d have the consideration to not do to Japanese the things you do to English.


  • please square, i thought you would have learnt from those stupid little mermaid dance levels in kingdom hearts 2….

  • Are dancing games as popular in Japan as karaoke or Final Fantasy? Might be popular there. Especially if you combine it with street pass lol

  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy…. Theatrhythm… Ugh!

    Square Enix has truly wrecked the good name of Final Fantasy, mostly by adding bizaare subtitles to the names of the series.

    Imagion if this stupid convention had been made earlier… we’d see the likes of; Final Fantasy Mystique Questicium, Final Fantasy Tactisium, and Final Fantasy Tactisium Advancium…

    Why can’t call this FF: Music Tactics…. why?

  • Dissidia turned out to be at least 3 times better than I expected so who knows? It may actually be good. Judgment reserved.

    A music game is a more logical spinoff for Final Fantasy than a 3rd person fighting game, at least…

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