EA: 'Won't Prophesise When Games On Discs Will Go Away'...

But it's still convinced that the future is in shorter, downloadable video game experiences. According to Andrew Wilson, the boss of EA Sports, "People are no longer going into GameStop or GAME en masse", but claimed that there is "still a business of $60 games sold at GAME and GameStop."

"I won't predict when that will die," said Wilson. "I won't prophesise when games on discs will go away, because the reality is that as long as gamers continue to line up and buy them we will make them.

"But the amount of people on Facebook, on PSN and Xbox Live is growing. There is a shift here. If we don't get ahead of it, we will find ourselves in trouble."

EA, more than any other major publisher, has been very proactive in building the foundations for the move to digital - while continuing to invest heavily in new IPs and AAA franchises. At the moment they appear to have a finger in every proverbial pie. It's an interesting distinction from Activision, who continue to focus more on established franchises, waiting to see if this whole Facebook and Digital Distribution thing blows over.

It'll be interesting to see which approach wins out in the next couple of years.

'People are no longer going to GAME en masse,' claims EA [MCV]


    I think the games have gotten too short already, damn it!

      If you were only paying US$20 at release for a 4 hour FPS campaign vs US$60 surely that wouldn't be too bad ;)

    “People are no longer going into GameStop or GAME en masse”

    It's called better prices online - is it really that hard to comprehend?

      I like a long campaign, though. Is that so wrong? ;)

        (That was suppose to be a reply to MrBS, btw.)

          I'm a lover of long campaigns myself as a fan of RPGs and the like and while I like my FPS & action/adventure titles to be longish 10-15hrs the current rule of 4hr campaigns is way too short.

      @WiseHacker - Yeah that was my reaction too. I only go into a store when there's a genuine sale with prices comparable to online.

    I think the whole Facebook thing is a bubble - I was checking my security on it the other day and found a whole host of "Apps" that had permissions on my profile, from waaay back when I first got a Facebook account.

    I hadn't used any of these Applications for years. Even my wife who went from Farmville to Cityville to Scrabble to Bejewelled Blitz has now moved onto the iPhone.

    Facebook has just morphed into this place where people can leave cryptic messages about other people they're pissed off with. It's not the gamehub of the future.

      I agree. I think Facebook gaming is a bubble within a bubble.

        Yo dawg I heard you like gaming bubbles so we put a gaming bubble within a gaming bubble so you can play in your gaming bubble while your gaming bubbles in your gaming bubble!

        I don't think I've used a Facebook app in over 6 months. I only visit Facebook if I feel like posting a status update I want my mother and grandmother to see.

        Twitter is the thing to do now! Until something else replaces it!

          twitter is crap it is exactly the same as facebook but it provides you with less and is even more pointless. Google+ is where its @

    According to strongly-substantiated rumor, Star Wars: The Old Republic is shipping on four DVDs...

    I won't buy downloadable games unless they are a fraction of the price, as there is no resell opportunity to offset the risk.

    Am I the only one who would prefer to buy a disc than spend 3 days downloading something? I replaced my PC in April and still haven't finished downloading all of my steam games.

      I used Steam's backup feature when I did a format, it saves on the downloads! (unless of course that wasn't an option for you)

    I like to buy an actual hard copy of a game that takes me many hours to complete though :(

    downloadable and streaming games aren't going to take off in Australia anytime soon. Even if the NBN rolls out across the entire nation, it will still takes a few more years after that to catch on

    most of us buy games online because its far cheaper then going into EB/game where as they do not update prices and still charge over $80 for games like MW2 where you can pick up a new copy from the web for around $30

    If they are shorter, they dam well better be cheaper. I really hope it doesn't go that way, short games are no fun.

    No thanks, I'll stick with my physical copies. I prefer physical over digital. I hate digital distribution. I like actually owning something and I like going to the game store. It's my second home. Lol.

      Same here, if gaming turned purely digital downloads I will find a new hobby.

    $60 games, now with a free bonus markup price of $80-120 For Aussies.

    Short games are fun, but they don't have the same impact.
    10 minutes after you finish them, they're forgotten, like that...thing that time...you know...oh, wait

    yay! Soon we'll be getting ripped off and have nothing physical to show for it!

    I do not and will not buy and download games online, period.

    It would be nice if someone could prophesise when EA would go away, they are the cancer of the videogame industry, oh how they have fallen from glory heights since their NFS High Stakes days. I could liken them to Nokia but I'll save that for a rainy day.

    Why do I get a feeling that the business they have with selling disks in stores is to try and justify their online prices in the name of equal pricing.

    Be nice if they just made some good games and ditched retail, only bringing it there if the game was a success.

    The death of physical media distribution depends on the entire world having equal broadband capabilities, lest publishers cut out markets.

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