First Pics Of Battlefield 3's Battlelog, The FPS Facebook, Sneak Out

Battlefield 3 players will their own social network and stat-tracking site - just like Activision's Call of Duty: Elite - when the DICE developed shooter hits later this year. First shots of the "Battlelog" interface have sneaked out, offering us our first glimpse at how we'll connect with other Battlefield fans.

Battlefield 3's Battlelog got an early showing thanks to the German Battlefield Blog which posted - then pulled, but not before Battlefieldo grabbed them - images of the social network's chat system, player stat-tracking interface and profile pages. It appears that players can keep track of other players' unlocked weapons and awards, as well as monitor their own kill/death ratio, accuracy, experience progress and much more.

It also appears that Battlelog will have ties to older Battlefield games, showing a player's "Veteran Status" from games like Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. News, notifications, forum messages, comments... all appear to flesh out Battlefield 3's subscription-free networking offering.

Battlefield 3 hits PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this October. Expect more confirmed details on the game's Battlelog soon.

Battleblog #3: First Pictures of Battlelog [Battlefieldo]


    good to see dice coming up with their own ideas, oh wait...

      Yeah good point. COD's stat tracking site came out well before this. Oh wait...

      I'm pretty sure Battlelog was mentioned before CoD Elite. It just wasn't shown. Correct me if I'm wrong.

      Battlefield games have had stat tracking since Battlefield 2 in 2005 (maybe earlier, I can't remember if 1942 and Vietnam had it).

      Makes you look like a dumb ass doesn't it.

      lol might be worth knowing what you're talking about before opening your mouth

    "Battlefield 3 players will their own social network and stat-tracking site"

    I think somebody missed a word. ;)

    Hey Activision, did you notice this service is free? ...HEY ACTIVISION!? HEY! HEELLLLOOOOO??

    Stats Padding, meet console generation, console generation, meet stats padding.

    I barely paid attention to my in-game stats for BC2, the most useful thing it kept track of was how many times I knifed my clan mates, that's cool.

    Keeping track of every other "standard" kill in the game is just plain stupid, same with achievements granted for "X number of kills with X".

    Those little pins granted ingame were ok for the kill streaks say, but not the bigger point achievement things.

    Give us some meaningful things to aim for this time around and I may actually give a damn about battlelog, instead of "revive 500 team-mates" how about "Revive your entire squad while under suppression fire and go on to capture a control point", that would be an epic achievement!

      Yeah I agree, the Achievements and Stats should encourage players to work as a team, to take control points as a squad, instead of just spamming one particular skill.

      Battlefield games require you to pick the right kit or the right strategy for the moment. Instead of Henry Ford style "You do this, and only this 500 times".

    Hopefully the in game stats wont bug out every now and then. I got tired of having to check Statsverse instead of my stats ingame to get reliable statistics in Bad Company 2. lol

    One could say that whis was well overdue.. Bungie has been stat tracking for a long time and is probably the standard to which all serious stat trackers should strive for .
    Tracking both in-game and via website, individual round stats, weapon stats, achievement progress, theatre mode, heat maps, these are the things I'd like to see..

    Looks good, nice clean interface, BF3 will be epic.

    Looks much like what they already have, except with a new look

    looks good, but can't help but think what will happen to statsverse afterwards :(

    Maybe I'm new to this but in my eyes a game designer put hard work and effort into the game he or she is making 4 you or me, there for I've learned to just thank them for doing so. Critics can doodle along and say what they want but in the old end I'm correct. Dice. Crytec. My god even namco could make a game of the year and I'll even congratulate them for a shit game.... In my eyes its the effort put into it that makes a game a good game. Peace yo!!!

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