The Battlefield 4 Bugs DICE Knows About, And How It's Dealing With Them

The Battlefield series, at least recently, has earned a reputation for its weird and wonderful bugs. The latest game in the series is no different, though there's quite a gap between a funny graphics glitch and "Oh dear, my save is corrupted, my life is over". Recognising this, DICE has posted a list of critical bugs it's aware of and the steps it's taking to address them.

The thread, entitled "Known Battlefield 4 Issues and Next Steps", can be found on the official Battlefield 4 forums. It notes that the developer has already taken care of a number of problems via a server-side patch deployed on November 1, but that other issues will have to be sorted out by a client-side update, which is coming "soon".

Here's the list of niggles DICE is currently tackling:

Progress in Multiplayer Lost INVESTIGATING Players have reported losing their progress in multiplayer. This is probably related to crashes stopping the game reports from being sent to Battlelog. We are still investigating this issue in more detail. Note that your progress sometimes can seem to be reset during server maintenance windows. In these cases, your stats will be just fine and reappear later.

Single Player Save File Corrupted INVESTIGATING We are still investigating the issue of single player save files being corrupted for some players. If you have experienced this problem, please describe below the steps leading up to the save file being corrupted, your platform (PC, PS3 or X360), and when the issue occurred. If you’re on PC, please also list your OS and system specs.

Miscellaneous Audio Bugs FIX UPCOMING We are aware of the issues with missing/corrupted audio in multiplayer and have created a fix for them. This fix is planned for release in the next PC client patch (see “Upcoming Updates” below.)

Magazine Reload Bug on Normal FIXED On all platforms, some players were experiencing a bug when playing on Normal servers. The bug caused the reload setting to incorrectly mimic the behavior from Hardcore servers. This was fixed in our fourth and latest server update.

Xbox 360 Missions not Working as Intended FIXED There was a bug preventing Xbox 360 players from creating MISSIONS. This should now work properly, as we made some necessary changes to the backend infrastructure.

Battlefield 4 Premium “Reset Stats” Feature Not Working FIX ROLLING OUT Battlefield 4 Premium members have the option of resetting their multiplayer stats. This feature has not been working as intended. We have now identified the cause and solution, and Battlelog will perform a zero downtime fix for this that should roll out very soon.

Server Queues not Functioning PENDING FUTURE PATCH Players haven’t been able to join queues for servers, and we are actively working on the issue. We believe we have a solution to this, pending a future patch. We disabled server queues as we found a bug in the queue system, and we are working to isolate the real issue and find a solution for it.

Promotional Battlepack Items Not Appearing In-game and/or on Battlelog INVESTIGATING We are aware of this issue, and are working on a solution for it. Note that in some cases the Battlepack items will actually show up after a delay. If you’re still not seeing your items after 12 hours or so, please reach out to EA Help at [].

Of course, if you want to stay up-to-date with the developer's progress, best to hit up the original forum post.

Known Battlefield 4 Issues and Next Steps [Battlefield 4 forums, via Reddit]


    Interesting, there's no mention of multiplayer freezing while loading the next match. I thought that was a pretty common problem.

      Got stuck with a russian/polish locked digital copy, got a full refund from my vendor though but basically EA live chat would flatly tell you "sorry we can't change your game to english" plus they locked the game code so you absolutely can't DYI patch it via registry. sucks for polish players they're getting shafted because at no point did polish players get told they wont have english gameplay available, soo many screen grabs of bad EA live chats. 42 page thread.

      Always on loading Hainan Resort for me..

        It Happens on all maps including when you play as commander and single player .
        Very upset i waited along time to play only to get ....... This

      Too bad they are having so many issues. My system freezes all the time and locks up. Half the time I can't even get on a server without my system completely locking up. Thank god COD will be out tomorrow night. I'm really disappointed with BF4. I've spent over $110 for the game and premium package and now feel screwed out of my money.

      I agree I have this same problem on my 360. Also the campaign play is very glitchy and when u try to turn right its like the guy is moving in quick sand but he moves normal when u turn left.

      This happens on ps3 for me. Evey game I crash and cant see my score. Also when I put a new attachment that gun disappears

    I have crashed a few times in a match so i was expecting to see something about that.

    Just checked the thread linked and the crashing issue is in there now.

    Last edited 03/11/13 1:21 pm

    I lost my campaign progress (PS3) and I'm not sure I want to start again until I'm sure it won't disappear again. I enjoyed the first two missions a lot but it's annoying that it's lost that progress.

    Edit: Just checked on Battlelog on PC and the progress is recognised there!

    Last edited 03/11/13 1:25 pm

      I was planning on doing campaign for a while, since multiplayer is constantly crashing on me. Until I saw 'Single Player Save File Corrupted' here :/

      Did you lose the unlocks for those missions, as well as your progress?

        I seem to have the pistol I unlocked in mission one but I'm not sure what else to look for

        Edit: there aren't many weapons to unlock from the campaign according to Battlelog. I've only earned one and it's still unlocked.
        There's one pistol for finishing mission one and 3 weapons for finishing the final mission in different ways. There are also 2 knives you can unlock.

        Last edited 03/11/13 1:34 pm

          I think the unlock for the second mission is a shank. If I'm looking at the right things, I believe the singleplayer unlocks are listed at the bottom of the Assignments page in Battlelog.

            The shank is for Kunlun Mountains which is not mission 2, even though it's the second assignment.

              Ah right, I see. Thanks for the info, mate.

        Unlocks should be synced to battlelog, your local save file dying however means you would need to start again.

        You lose everything score unlocks progress ive. Play campaign. Its freezes and i shut down load back up and reload game and everything is gone im so pissed its happed at least three times now

      Hi, I've had the same problem, just came on BF4 today and my single player prgress is gine, luckily only done the first two missions, still surprising how many broken games are being released these days :/

      Me and my mates all have the same issue it doesnt save the campaign progress for any of us, Its like the auto save isnt working we dont get the save file corruption warning its like we never did it, yet the battle log has all our scores on it

      I've started over two time on PS3 BF4. I make it to the same spot. Stop then go back another day. It starts at the beginning. What's up with that?

        This thing is all just crazy. I've played four levels. When the fifth one started, I quited the campaign, then the game and turned off the PS3. BOOM! I had to start again. For the third time. Seriously, it's a pain in the ass. But curious fact: I've walked to a checkpoint in the first mission, the game saved. I turned off the PS3, then turned on and voilá! my campaign it's intact. But I'm afraid to play another four hours of the game and lose it again.

      Man I got gold status an almost all collectables. For the first 6 missions...though I would try multiplayer online,but it thing I know I have to restart campaign..ps3 aswell

      Man me to I tried campaign 4 times for my thing to screw up and unsave and then I waited for ps4 and it's still doing it

    It's been driving me crazy. Most of the time I've been in the server browsers menu because without queues I have to there spamming connect to servers until there is a spot. 3/4 of the time when I do start joining it loads for a few minutes then says client shut down connection. Then I finally join the game. Play for a few minutes then the server crashes.

    The one good run I got where I managed to play for any decent amount of the it didn't save any of my progress.

    Now today I'm having the actual game crash all the time for no apparent reason.

    I am seriously considering trying to get a refund right now.

    The audio problems are driving me crazy on the PC! half the sounds keep disappearing. Not too mention random crashes.

    EA your QA team is top notch

    After having some of these bugs it was like, why was there only a week long beta? The beta should have been a month, and their should have been a keyboard combo for bug submits ala WOW. At the end of the beta I was in no way confident the released game would be ready in a couple weeks.

      If it was a month a lot of people would potentially get over the game. They have had a closed beta for awhile. Open beta is a promotional tool designed to get people interested.

    I've given it up on playing for awhile, the constant crashes and audio drop outs are just too infuriating to deal with, I've lost so much progress (ranks, weapons, weapon accessories etc..) from the amount of crashes whether it be server or client. It's also frustrating that only now have they acknowledge the problems and even then they don't have a date for us.

    Is it me or the game is very frustrating, people in the game have really good accuracy. They seem to pullout their weapon faster, and kill me with great accuracy with Full Auto.

      You get used to the aiming and how to position the gun. There is also a fair bit of lag at the moment so maybe that.

        Also the netcode is worse than ever so you get shot behind things etc before you have even seen the bad guy.

        I killed someone yesterday after I had already died, my gun went off after he killed me and I got the kill on him.

        Damn broke ass game!

          Pete could it have been the bullet travel time? Eg he shot first and a fraction later bit before his bullets hit you you shot? Because there is bullet travel time in bf4

          Last edited 05/11/13 8:14 am

      same here. I unload a clip in the guy and he just runs a way or turns around and shoots me once and i'm dead. I hate that. I play a lot of COD and it isn't the same. Too many hit markers for so little kills

    No listing of my issue either, which is what feels like insane amounts of lag despite 60 plus fps and ping at around 40-48. Friend has the same problem, both tried to get support, no fix. Feels like just another EA cash grab to me.

    On my Xbox 360 2 days ago, my game kept freezing when I try to join a multiplayer server that lead to my single player save being corrupted.

    I'm playing on PS3 and I'm honestly amazed at how few problems I've had. A couple of crashes and that's about it. The things that are annoying me are more do to with the unnecessary changes to the controls from BF3, the server queuing not working and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any kind of concept of a "party" anymore - if I want to play with my friends we need one person to join a server then the rest of us have to jump in quickly and hope it doesn't fill up in the meantime.

      The no-squad thing for me is a huge disappointment - BF is a squad/team based game. I can understand from their prespective that there are team balancing issues that have to be addressed when squadding up, and we all know how much of a debacle that was in BF3 with splitting teams up. But surely it's not that hard to keep teams balanced and leave 4 man squads intact. I've found that DICE keep trying to change the rules, it just never works and seems ill-thought-out.

      RE controls: I keep pressing select to spot people and it brings up the battlelog which is hugely annoying, the R2 trigger to spot doubles as the command selector and it just becomes a mess. A return to the old BF control layout would be nice.

        Yeah, at least just give me an option I can select that says "make the controls the same as BF3". I know they've had to move stuff around to fit the comms stuff onto R2, but I rarely, if ever, use that. Given the choice, I'd rather give that up and keep the existing control scheme.

        Agree re the squads (although I think squads are now 5 man instead of 4) - yeah it caused some minor issues in BF3, but on the balance it's better to keep the squads and put up with those issues than throw the baby out with the bathwater like this.

    when i spawn it dose the same thing

    I've got very far twice on campaign mode but every time I go to play it again its gone.... This game is trash and I'm definitely using it as trade in for cod ghosts... The real online first person shooter!

      Honestly BF4 isn't that bad. There are some issues but thr are just as many in Ghosts. As someone who owns both I have to say Ghosts was a huge dissapiontment. Whereas BF is trying to progress the game COD stuck with the same old stuff. I'd choose bf4 over ghosts anyday. Also to everyone bitching please go try and design a game that looks this good plays this well (when thrs no issues) has the ability to do bullet ballistics and please tell me how many game breaking issues you have. Stop bitchi ng they'll fix it.

    My save file is completely gone every time I start the campaign again. Should I even bother keeping this game or should I just go get my money back? Also during multiplayer I've been able to shoot clear through an enemies head without them dying or taking any damage. The third problem I've been having is that whenever a match ends the game tacks on one more death than I should have. 4th problem is I only lag when I'm inside jeeps. The last problem I've been having is with my primary weapon. It seems like the game doesn't fully load the graphics of it. Instead it leaves blocky figures floating around it.

    Well, my singleplayer was erased, and I was about half way done. After this, I played and finished the campaign. I am not sure if it is saved now, but I hope so. When it was erased, I simply returned to the xbox home screen, ejected the disc, put in the BF4 multiplayer disc, played multiplayer, woke up next morning, and bam! my singleplayer campaign was gone.

    I was at the end of the second mission just after blowing up 2 tanks and then my game froze. I had to restart my system and then it froze again when I tried resuming the campaign and so I restarted it again and then it told me I had to start a new campaign.

    I've played the missions 3times and every time i shut down the ps3 it doesn't save, I love battlefield 4 but not so much that I wanna keep doing the first missions over and over, please help!!!!!!!!

    I just lost all my single player progress for the third time and DICE wants me to explain what happened before it was lost, ok here goes I played the single player till I was nearly halfway done with it quit and came back and it was f#$$ing gone does that help you guys narrow down the problem.


    Love the game but pretty fed up with all the issues. I've had issues with every one of those listed above and also ones mentioned by others like system freezing while loading next match and getting booted from games. Very frustrating. Especially when they are promoting the game so far in advance and wanting us to pre order the games to help fund the company. We spend good money on these games and can't even play them comfortably! I understand issues will happen but seruously, there's ALOT of them, not to mention the graphics are terrible, screen tear, glitchy and horrible FPS.

    I have downloaded the 10 GB game and every time I tried to start the game it freezes up my system with just that little cursor at the top of the screen. I have to turn off my system and then turn it back on multiple times sometimes up to four or five times before I can actually get to the press start button screen.
    Also just the other night at the end of a round I leveled up to level 16 and then when I started the next map I killed my first guy and leveled up to level 16 again and then at the end of that game I leveled up to level 16 one more time.

    Xbox 360 corrupt single campaign save, hard difficulty 50% through

    Terrible they didn't even mention about not having a party system. It's almost impossible to play with friends

    what about in game stats not showing up on battle log? I'm trying to unlock camos via assignments but battlelog won't update my stats so it basically makes it impossible to complete the assignment.

    On the xbox 360, everyone I know has been experiencing full system freezing during certain multiplayer levels. Please investigate.

    Yeah I just encountered this problem on my Xbox 360 it happened when my game froze loading a multiplayer map so I turned it off and back on and that's when the warning sign came up. I checked my single player to try and play the last mission and turns out that he screwed up my single player file and it says if I'd never played the campaign before none of my mission assignments are accomplished and no longer done, I have no weapons unlocked,no dogtags and not even my top friend leaderboard score is there. I really don't want to have to start COMPLETELY over again!

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