What's Battlefield 3 Bringing To E3? Multiplayer, But No Subscription Fees

We've seen a good chunk of Battlefield 3's single-player campaign—at least 12 minutes' worth of it—but what about multiplayer? Isn't that why people play Battlefield games? Well, good thing E3 2011's right around the corner.

That's where developer DICE says we'll see at least one multiplayer map, "Operation Métro," which they say combines "intense close-quarter combat" with "the biggest and most spectacular maps that we have built."

"Gamers will experience a physical battlefield and be able to temporarily disable vehicles, go prone, mount weapons, lay down suppressive fire and more," hypes Karl Magnus Troedsson, general manager of DICE. That's the good news. The sort of not good news is that DICE will be holding back a few things, like the game's co-op campaign, Team Death Match mode and the Battlefield 3 Battlelog.

That's DICE's web destination that features "powerful social tools, feeds and detailed player stats." "Battlelog also lets you manage your friends lists, squad up, create platoons, use voice chat and follow your friends' progress in real-time, and more," Troedsson writes. In what sounds like a little dig at Activision's Call of Duty: Elite premium player service, Troedsson boasts that Battlelog will be subscription-free.

We'll be checking out Battlefield 3 at E3 2011 soon, so stay tuned for more.

BF3 goes to E3! [Battlefield Blog]



    I really hope they put a massive dent in Modern Warfare 3's sales (They still won't sell more even though Battlefield 3 will be twenty times the game MW3 is, just because of the huge amount of casuals/children/diehard fanboys that play CoD)

      I don't mind the fact that CoD will sell more. The only way Battlefield could ever be as popular as CoD is by getting rid of all the things that make it stand apart. CoD's popular for how simple it is, something that wouldn't really work for Battlefield.

      Besides, I enjoy playing with people who actually want to play the game. I came across more kids, griefers and cheaters in a few weeks of MW2 than I have in my whole time playing Battlefield. If BF3 takes the "crown" from MW3, it'll be a sad, sad day!

        Yep, the best thing about COD is that it keeps 90% of the dickheads out of Battlefield. Long may it continue.

          Big thumbs up lol

            i agree with that motion

    Here is something interesting also to read :D


    I think the only way for BF to become as popular as COD is if Activision did something stupid like charging players to pay.

    Oh wait...

      Oh no you didn't.

    Enough of this peripheral shite.

    Keep it in the game.

    DICE is easily my favourite game Developer. In an industry full of company trying to get as much money as possible they are still loyal to their PC games and are still dedicated to making a number one gaming experiance.

    BF3 = CoD killer.

      Have been playing DICE games since Codename: Eagle.
      They blew my mind away back then and they just keep doing it. Although im relieved they are focusing on "Battlefield #" instead of "Battlefield: Other iteration"

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