Battlefield 4 Won’t Support Mods. Sorry.

Battlefield 4 Won’t Support Mods. Sorry.

Developers DICE never officially sanctioned the use of mods in Battlefield 3, fearing it could lead to stuff like exploits in multiplayer matches (which, you know, happened anyway). So has the studio reversed that decision for the upcoming Battlefield 4? Of course not.

Speaking with PC Gamer at E3, DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson broke the bad news in about as honest and up-front a manner as possible, which is at least something!

“We get that question a lot”, he says. “I always answer the same thing, and then the community calls me bad names. We get the feedback, we understand it. We also would like to see more player-created content, but we would never do something like this if we feel we couldn’t do this 100 per cent. That means we need to have the right tools available, we need to have the right security around this regarding what parts of the engine we let loose, so to say. So for BF4 we don’t have any planned mod support, I have to be blunt about saying that. We don’t.”

Battlefield 4 mod support ruled out by DICE [PC Gamer]


    • I know, mods really made SWBF1 & 2 into the games they were. Some of the maps the community built were amazing – I spent hours playing the Jundland Wastes and a scale Hoth map.

  • This is bullshit. People made mods for Battlefield 3 and they said the same thing.

    I get that they don’t want to make mod tools, but the fact that they actually prevent modding by banning people (even legitimate mods made to make the game better!) is fucking appalling.

    Definitely won’t be stopping my EA boycotting for this game.

    • I STILL play BF2 and yeah I bought 3 in the hopes it was good, but it really reeked to me in terms of gameplay and graphics (the washed out colours, the monotone theme). So I decided then and there to not play it when people with visual correction mods were being banned. Also hated how you had regenerating health, that just sealed it for me. I definitely won’t be playing 4.

      • What are you going to play then? I’m fairly sure every shooter has regenerating health these days. Not trying to be an ass i’m actually just asking

        • Point is kinda true. What is there to play for those who hate regen health?
          I was thinking Wolfenstein the new order was going to go full old school, and they kind of did, but health still regens to 20. Lame.

          Bf4 however will be exactly the same.
          So will cod.
          So will every game.

        • I have not much of an issue with single player games that have health regen but in competitive multiplayer its a very cheap tool and easy to abuse. I think it’s also dependant on the game as to wether health regen is ok or not. I enjoyedHALO REACH online, (not so much 4 oddly) but the regen made sense there with shields and all, it found a good balance. It is a fair question and as games move more towards that, I guess I dunno, I’ll take games as they come. I hope that new Tom Clancy game, the mmo one doesn’t have it… but I fear it probably will. Oh well.

          • Oh I play Arma 2 and will DEFINITELY be playing Arma 3. I play DayZ regularly and cannot wait for the standalone. For me, Arma 2 and eventually 3, define the experience now 🙂

            Arma is the truest shooter there is. Because when you hit someone with a sniper shot over a long distance, you EARNT it with range correction, wind correction etc. There’s no ‘snap to lock’ like a lot of games have now or aim assistance.

          • Yeah, I’ve been playing BIS games since the original Operation Flashpoint in 2001.

            Still playing ARMA II online quite often, and will eventually move onto ARMA III when it gets further into development. I have it, but there’s not enough there to interest me over ARMA II at the moment.

            Though I still enjoy ‘fun’ shooters like Battlefield and whatnot for more of a skillless, mind-numbing, instant-gratification action type thing.

          • I enjoy them too, not much beats BF2’s feeling of flying over as a special ops guy, parachuting out behind the enemy lines, landing behind their command outpost and blowing it up with your satchel charges 😀 that just rawks 😀

            Though a well placed headshot from a kilometer away with a high powered sniper rifle in Arma 2 often carries with it the same sort of feeling of victory 😀

        • Worst part was thag at first, they claimed they wouldn’t have regen health. Which you can tell they initially weren’t going to have it otherwise why bother with medkits and such?

        • Hardcore isn’t played as much though I’ve found. Which is fine, horses for courses, but it shouldn’t be an ‘option’ in a battlefield game. Regenerating health cheapens the experience majorly. It should be the standard, hence why you should need a medic.

    • It’s only going to get worse with Star Wars Battlefront. The original game and its sequel have large modding communities, but it’s sad to say that they will be non-existent for the new EA DICE reboot… Instead we’ll be getting microtransactions and map-pack DLC! How exciting!

  • No surprise here.
    Another non surprise is how these games that are so tightly locked become monotonous for me after a little while.

  • Heh just the other day BIS were saying you’re hard pressed to find a military shooter where mods are supported or even allowed, this quote could slot right into an ad for Arma3

      • BTC Revive, VTS Weapon Resting & The ShackTac HUD are a good trio to start with. They’re a little wonky with the dev branch but they are damned impressive for relatively little things. From what I’ve seen in videos, the ACRE radio mod is pretty damned sweet too

        • Awesome thanks for the advice. Buying into the Arma3 alpha this week, that’s gonna be fun 😀 love getting into games on the ground level. We did that with Minecraft when it first started, bought 4 copies for 20 bucks. Gonna buy 2 copies of Arma3 for this household, given its price is going up once it hits beta too.

  • Didn’t Battlefield 2 get made by the guys that created the Desert Combat mod? Pretty sure Dice hired those guys… so basically they’re saying fuck you, we got our career starts but you can get screwed. Nice one guys?

  • I love people who ‘boycott EA’ and especially people who wont play modern Battlefield games. It’s a shame there’ll be less low skilled whining players to kill in-game.

    Probably a good idea you’re all sticking to Farmville 2 and Candy Crush.

    • I love how people with unrealistic elitest attitudes come on here and slam other people for no good reason other than to be narcissistic assholes. Back under your bridge troll.

      • I’d suggest your attitude “I still play BF2” is more in line with being elitist, to be perfectly honest. If you believe that Battlefield 3 is terrible and Battlefield 4 will be oh so much worse, why even bother posting in a BF4 related thread?

        Your comment about regenerating health proves that you have little knowledge of BF3 to begin with so I don’t understand your relevance in this conversation.

        • I love people who ‘boycott EA’ and especially people who wont play modern Battlefield games. It’s a shame there’ll be less low skilled whining players to kill in-game.<\q>

          Probably a good idea you’re all sticking to Farmville 2 and Candy Crush.

          Sorry but that says it all, your attitude towards anyone who doesn’t play a game you like, well, it just plain sucks.

          I have no problem with anyone who plays Bf3 or 4, if they love it, that’s all someone can ask for from a game. It is after all personal choice in what games we all like. Why can’t I mention in BF3 or 4 thread that I don’t like health regen in a BF game? Not all comments have to be positive. However, I’d never be arrogant or quite frankly, stupid enough, to come on and rant like you did.

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