Jamie Foxx And Zac Efron Are Clearly Hyped To Play Some Battlefield

Jamie Foxx And Zac Efron Are Clearly Hyped To Play Some Battlefield

Look at these guys. That right there is a couple of celebrities who are psyched to experience some multiplayer gaming content.

Are these guys pumped for EA's event?

"Yessss...." says Foxx, looking to Efron for support.

"...yeah," says Efron.

"Can't wait," says Foxx.

"Dude, stoked," says Efron.

I know I'm excited.


    First I was like:


    Then I was all like:


    That was cringeworthy. If they're paid to be there they should atleast appear like they don't think they are too cool to be there.

    It was funny watching the matchup. Jamie Foxx was dead last with 50 points. Zac Efron was middle of the pack, so maybe he does play a few games.

    Either they got a movie to promote or they're there for $$$.

    I have no idea why there were any celebs in the first place. The game didn't need that sort of American cheese. Having said that, I hope terry liked battlefield 1 just as much as he likes yogurt. Terry loves yogurt.

      Somebody took Terry's yogurt! Now Terry's mad.

    Yeah, it all looked pretty forced, lol, EA's whole conference was pretty dull imo, Bethesda's show was better, but not by a lot.

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