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Crashes. Empty server lists. Disconnections. We're about to enter the fourth week of serious issues with Battlefield 1's local servers, bad enough to make multiplayer unplayable, with very little in the way of fixes, compensation or communication from EA. Even our own enquiries were met with silence. Can we safely concluded EA doesn't give a crap about its Australian customers?


Battlefield 1 continues the franchise's tradition of launching in a somewhat patchy state, only to be bolstered through ongoing developer support. In the past 12 months, the game has added 22 maps and seven modes, along with millions of new players. Let's examine BF1's launch state, its evolution through updates, and the radical multiplayer tweaks that have been implemented in year one.


Battlefield 1's latest expansion In The Name Of The Tsar adds the Russian Civil War to the game's multiplayer with snow-swept maps and dangerous mounted cavalry. With a bleak atmosphere and expansive battlefield, it doesn't just expand the game -- it highlights what made it so compelling to begin with.