Titanfall 2 And Battlefield 1 For $23 Isn't Half Bad

Image: Respawn/EA

Sometimes, a flashy shooter campaign is just what you need at the end of the day. Here's two for bugger all.

A bunch of flash deals have popped up this morning on the PlayStation Store, and a couple in particular stand out. For those who want a solid burst of adrenaline with a touch of the First World War, this bundle with Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 for $22.95 is a solid offer. It's the cheapest you can get these games on PS4, as Sony's platform doesn't have support for EA Access, EA's subscription program that costs $4.95/month.

There's a small caveat with the bundle: if you already own either Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2.

There's other discounts today as well for very reasonable prices. Note that all prices are for active PS+ users.

You can browse a full list of games that have had a price drop on the PlayStation Store here. You'll need to be logged in to see games with an additional PS+ discount though, provided you have an active subscription.


    So whats the caveat?

      That if you already own either of these games you can't pick up the bundle?

      "Not available for purchase"

      Which is less a caveat, and more of an FU.

    If only people were still playing the Titanfall 2 multiplayer...such a good game. Can't wait for the BattleRoyale =P

    Good price for those two.

    Titanfall 2 was fantastic. The campaign really impressed me. The multiplayer was a laugh as well but it never seemed populated enough (especially in Australia) for anything apart from the main game mode. Shame as it had a lot of potential.

    Battlefield One is worth it as well and I am sure you can still find a few populated servers kicking around. It is a bit grindy though. You need to play a lot to get the better guns.

      Same thing happened with Titanfall 1. The multiplayer was a lot of fun, but seemed to die off after the first 2 weeks.

        It was going relatively strong for about a year (as someone who can safely say was one of the Top 5 players in Aus).

        Nowadays, completely dead, on PC anyway.

          Of course you were one of the top 5 in Aus...

          More than a month after release there were only five of us bloody playing!!!

    Titanfall 2 was amazing. The only multiplayer game I cared about since Halo 3

    Multiplayer is basically dead in TF2 so you will essentially just be buying it for the SP.

    Why is EA Access not multi-platform anyway?

    Last edited 27/11/18 9:10 pm

    Might be nice if you'd put "PS4 Only" in the title so you didn't waste the time of everyone who doesn't own a PS4...

    Man Titanfall 2 was great, it still make me sad that it didn't sell well.

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