Snoop Dogg Casually Rolls Into Battlefield 1

When you're Snoop Dogg, of course you don't care when the camera's on you.

EA's currently livestreaming an hour of Battlefield 1 multiplayer as part of their inaugural EA Play event. To kick it off, they rolled out a lot of named actors, including Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron.

And they also rolled out Snoop Dogg — who apparently rolled something of his own, as everyone on the internet quickly noticed.

Isn't E3 great? Now I'm just picturing EA and Snoop holding a joint press conference for 2017.


    He was just incredibly high. You can tell by his playing. Walk a few steps forward, stop, few steps backward, stop, run into walls. Yup high as, just like Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron.

    not hard to picture Snoop holding a JOINT press conference

    Last edited 13/06/16 10:10 am

    Allegations of performance enhancing drugs in the first ever Battlefield tournament

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