Twitch Reacts To Snoop Dogg Apparently Pretending To Play A Game

Twitch Reacts To Snoop Dogg Apparently Pretending To Play A Game

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg livestreamed the early access survival game SOS, a game where 16 players need to work together to escape a dangerous island. He appeared to do a pretty good job grabbing loot even though he wasn’t actually playing the game. It led some viewers to cry foul about the celebrity endorsement and whether or not it matters that, for once in his life, Snoop Dog wasn’t a player.

Snoop spent an hour on stream where he appeared to play SOS, running along with teammates to gather treasure and shoot guns. SOS players can team up or work against each other to find a hidden relic, eventually needing to reach an extraction point to leave the island with the loot.

For a while, it looked like Snoop was playing the game. He grabbed items, ran with his team, and had conversations about pineapple rum. Snoop then demonstrated his killer ability to play video games while smoking a blunt and looking down to read the ingredients that go into his brand of premium plant nutrients. He also does a rap about papayas and killing demons with knives.

Audience reaction was split between viewers who were amused and others who presumably expected authentic gameplay on a promotional livestream:

“Is he really pretending to play?” one viewer asked. “Lame.”

“He so obviously doesn’t care about this game,” another added.

Some commenters were quick to compare the “fail” with Snoop’s visit to the Electronic Games Expo in 2016, where he played the online shooter Battlefield 1 alongside Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron. Other responses to the SOS stream were more forgiving, laughing at the spectacle of it.

“When you smoke as much as Snoop, you transcend keyboards and just do shit with your mind,” a viewer explained.

While it is possible that Snoop has completely escaped our reality and can control objects with his brain, a much more reasonable explanation happened towards the end of the stream. Wrapping up, Snoop began to muse on how fun the game appeared before adding that it would have been even better if he was actually playing it himself. SOS developers Outpost Games did not respond to Kotaku in time for publication.

“I wish I really knew that shit you were doing for me,” Snoop said, looking off camera. “They were probably like Snoop is a fucking genius in this game.”

All of this raises the question: Is Snoop Dogg a fake gamer guy? Not really. Snoop is an avid player of the Madden football games who often posts clips of him and his friends playing the game on his Instagram. Showing up for the SOS stream was a stunt, but he still interacted with players and had a good time of it. Twitch is a performative platform where viewers obsess over streamers who are good at games. Snoop isn’t a top tier battle royale player and doesn’t have to be. He’s just a dude who probably made more money in an hour than most of us will see in a year.


  • Just gonna put it out there: Snoop is not a good dude. After that shit he pulled on Iggy Azaelia dressing up as a white woman, calling her a c*** and then threatening her with physical violence (yes, I’m aware she’s a shit artist but she is still a human woman) I’m surprised he’d still get these gigs in this climate.
    Also his plant chems suck. So do his vapes.

    • Sorry, Alex. C-Bomb censored!
      Out of interest, how come we can say fuck but not C word?
      I’m of the opinion that it shouldn’t be that big a deal anymore (though I know it is) because, really, is it just offensive because it’s referring to the female genitalia? It’s make facsimiles (Dick and cock) get used comfortably, yet the lady version is still risqué.
      We are sexist against the C word!

      • I’d say because the c-bomb is quite a vulgar word to begin with and is somewhat frowned upon in society. At least that’s my take on it.

        • I have a mouth like the bastard child of a Scottish sailor and a Cranbourne prostitute, still the one word I dont use for pretty that much that reason.

          • I use it. Not like all the time, but I’ve normalised it within my swearing vocabulary. It’s liberating.
            My mates and I call each other the C-word in all sorts of endearing ways now.

      • Well I can tell you from a linguistics angle that the abrasive K sound and abrupt T at the end are both at the top of the list for sounds we naturally dislike to hear.
        It’s the perfect storm of curse words.

          • Since you’re interested…

            By the same token, soft vowel sounds tend to conjure images of softness.

            Tying it back to video games, Persona 5 has a classroom question on this. It shows you two shapes, a sharp, pointy shape kinda like a start with extra points and a bubbly soft shape made up of curves and ovals. Then it asks you which most people choose to name “kiki”. The answer is the sharp shape, because even in Japanese, sharp vowel consonants suggest sharpness.

            Similarly applies to images, where we often find soft things are cute and cuddly.

            Going a bit further, in many completely unrelated languages, the soft vowels of mama and papa mean mum and dad. Mainly because those sorts of words tend to be the first sorts of noises babies make. So our parental instinct probably has a lot to do with why that softness is appreciated in the first place. Hard consonants, by comparison, sound more threatening.

          • That’s a pretty cool synopsis my man, good to see a bit of unbiased knowledge being passed in the Kotaku comments for once.

  • to be fair it should be made clear whether the person in front of the camera is indeed playing beforehand. I don’t mind them not playing as it comes off more as a reaction video anyway. pretending though implies an intentional deception being made.

  • This seems like a good way to turn people off your game en masse, to be honest. Gamers do not like being deceived, or even the hint of someone trying to deceive them.

  • I just… what is the point of pretending to play? If they want him to endorse the game, and he doesn’t want to play it then do something else, like have him sit with someone who is playing and have him hold a conversation with that person while they play. Or just play the damn game. He is sitting there anyway, why not play it even if its a goof?

  • So he is no different to a lot of the ex cam girls who stream on twitch showing plenty of skin. But having a tiny little window pretending to play LoL.

  • This guy just smokes and gets blow jobs all day, he don’t play no damn diddly games. lol

    But yeah, this guy is 100% NOT trying to be a good respectable citizen, he is basically just “I’m rich, go fck your mum!” type of person.

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