Free Team Fortress 2 Players Can't Play In EVERY Game

While the news Team Fortress 2 has gone free-to-play is good for most, for some long-time fans of the game, it's been seen as an assault on decency and common sense. Which they've reacted to by putting up a wall.

A script has been created by disgruntled fans which enables servers to filter out anyone trying to join a game using one of these new "free" copies of the game, restricting access only to those who bought and paid for a copy.

Before we go any further, note that this is far from a widespread issue. In fact, it's so far incredibly rare. It's also a user-made script, and has nothing to do with Valve.

But it does, in a roundabout way, have a purpose. While at first glance it seems to be an attempt by snobs to keep the new riff-raff from playing in their games, it's supposedly being employed by fans concerned that the free copies of the game allow cheats to easily return to servers after being banned, as they no longer have to buy a fresh copy.

That said, I'm sure there's at least one asshole out there actually using it just to be a snob.

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    It's also worth pointing out that there's a difference between "Free" accounts and "Premium" Accounts.

    Free accounts have a restricted backpack size (1 page), a limit on the recipes they can craft (haven't really looked into what is/isn't available) and cannot initiate trades with other players (but can accept trade requests).

    Upgrading to a Premium account will unlock all of the locked features, bringing the once Free account in line with everything that "paying" users have had included.

    In order to upgrade to a Premium account you must purchase something from the Mann Co. Store. It can be anything, but you're going to pay in the end(I'm certain that the $0.99 custom map donations count, but can't guarantee). Of course, the minimum amount you can add to your Steam Wallet is $5, but you can still use that money to buy a ridiculously discount indie game at some stage.

    So in reality it's Full Version of TF2 for a dollar. That's still a good deal. I'm actually surprised that this hasn't been brought up by more people bitching. I can just see it now, the old hands bitching that the newbs get the game for free. The F2P crowd bitching that they "have" to pay for a game that's advertised as free.

    And the point of me bringing this up? The initial script that bans F2P accounts has since been modified to allow F2P accounts that have been upgraded to Premium (since it's now impossible to buy TF2, many people didn't want to ban players that were new to the game but willing to pay for their experience).

      Just being picky, but the limit on trading with Free accounts is that they can receive items from other plyers, but they can't give anything to others, to prevent people making a bunch of free accounts to farm items by idling, then trade them off.

    I'll wear my gold medal/pin for buying the game within the first 3 months in honour of this article. (:

    I am trying to get the free version as we speak, however, it's because I already own Team fortress 2 on 360. Because I don't have a gold subscription, I can't play it.
    It's good they released it for free. Why should I have to pay for the same game twice?
    Also it's a little unfair that people only want experienced players. They were new to it once too.

      its not a wall for experienced players, you can bypass it by paying $0.49 for an item and upgrade your account

    Quick thought: if it's this 'incredibly rare', why is it news?

      It's KotakuUS :P

      Their articles are either stolen from other sources, completely irrelevant to gaming or lacking any real information that is of any use...

      Well that's not entirely true, at least 1 in every 50 articles holds something interesting.

    I can understand the hate. It sort of rubs me the wrong way when I know I paid 90 bucks for the Orange Box back in the day (I'm guessing TF2 was about 20-30 bucks of that 90) and all I get is a hat. Sure TF2 was on sale numerous times through the years but even a premium account user doesn't pay as much for the game now than the cheapest sale price I've seen. I don't agree with these actions but I certainly don't hate them for doing so.

      What a load of derp..

      If you payed $90 for the Orange box then you must have got it when it was new.. How many hours have you played it for? How many hours of TF2?

      Ive played TF2 alone for some 1500 hours and about half that again in the SDK mapping. So $90 divided by, say 2000hrs all up between all the OB games, comes out at about 4.5 cents per hour of entertainment. Name a game you've bought that's provided better value?

      So considering that I've now had nearly 4 years use of the Orange Box games, and got extremely good value from them, I really do find it hard how anyone could feel 'rubbed the wrong way' because TF2 is now free for anyone to enjoy.

      The Orange Box, even at $90 is one of the most bang-for-your-buck game compilations ever released. What do you get for that money? For one, you get to enjoy it for several years before the people who just got the free one.

      Surely that is worth that price alone. Being angry at this move is just spiteful.

    . -> Know that that is? The world's smallest violin playing just for the people that paid for TF2 and are whinging about it now it's free.

    All snobbery aside, there's the undeniable fact that since the game went free, there's a lot more retarded people joining games.

    Some have a tendency not to play properly, spam voice and text communications, or just be generally irritating in a variety of different ways.

    This isn't denying the fact that free TF2 is a fantastic idea, just might explain why some people don't want 'free' players in their games.

    I think its also an issue of free to play games having a lower quality player base, due to the lowered barrier of entry.

    By converting a game with such a matured community into a free to play game, undoubtedly it will 'dilute' the experienced/quality players amongst the many new players. Generally for a game of this age, the community left is usually a tight one, and in many ways these players refine the game towards the game's "end game" of its shelf life. Many players would justifiably not want to experience this 'dilution', and would prefer to keep the gameplay the way it is.

    The money argument is bs because its not a fair to compare paying for the game 4 years ago to getting it for free now. The value is in the lost opportunity cost of not being able to play the game for all that time.

    Server has been full all week, a server that has been dead for over a year and unable to be revived no matter how many attempts.

    At 2 am it's still full.

    Quite frankly, bless the Free Players.

    i think its great that tf2 is now free- it used to be that the server i play on goes quiet by around 3am. now its still full when i finally go to sleep. more players=fuller servers=more fun

      That isn't true. fuller servers of players who acually want to play are fun, but most of the free players are trolls and spammers that just ruin the game. The server may be fuller but it may be fuller of people who just troll. In my opinion it's a stupid idea for free players and I don't like valve's decision.

        X2 to this.

        I'm finding it hard to get a good game going. If new players are on a loosing side, they bitch and bitch about how shit the team is. If the team is winning, they bitch and bitch about how bad the other team is.

        I swear to god, I'm playing a group of xbox people.

          I have been finding a lot recently that if I do join a "losing" side or people that don't want to play properly;

          I get a lot more enjoyment out of inspiring people to play the objective or god forbid, go it alone.

          Doing a lot better individually by actively switching classes to support team-mates.

          The other night I played a payload server for 4 hrs straight with a mixed lot of people and would often see, I guess, "regulars" switching sides to help my team when needed.

          The community really hasn't diluted as such, just an abundance of new recruits. XD

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