Team Fortress 2 Could Have Been A Pretty Different Game

Over the years, Valve has added an almost mind-boggling amount of Stuff (TM) to multiplayer shooter phenom Team Fortress 2. Even more interesting, however, are the things that didn’t make the cut.

The video digs deep into TF2‘s lengthy history and unearths all sorts of weird, wonderful relics. The opening bit about how things changed between Valve’s first showings of the game and release are nice, but I especially enjoyed hearing about all the items that nearly ended up in the game over the years. A catcher’s mitt that lets the Scout hurl projectiles back at enemies? Rad. Also the Soldier nearly got a flyswatter, because why not?

It’s honestly a shame that some of this stuff never got approved by Valve for use in the field. Perhaps in some alternate universe, fans invented a Jarate-based baseball game, catching (with the Scout’s mitt), throwing, and swinging as rancid liquid sloshes through the sky. Oh to live in that world.


  • I miss people able to playing Well, Granary, Dustbowl and Gravel Pit. All it seems to be is either 2Fort or Idle map servers.

    • There is a great 24/7 dustbowl map. It is most allways full.
      They also missed out the bit where it had a flag with a derpy human face on it. You can even put it in maps.

    • gamersUN and have some good dedicated dustbowl servers that are pretty busy depending on the time of the day. The other maps… I haven’t seen them in a while. Its kinda frustrating really, even on full rotation servers, unless the map is dustbowl, goldrush, 2fort, turbine, barnblitz etc everyone votes for a different map or leaves to find a different server. There are some good rarer maps available but no one ever wants to play them!

  • Don’t get me started on 2fort, my friend has over 400hours playtime and whenever I join him his on 2fort only…. Man it gets boring… Barnyard is my favorite

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