Live From Comic-Con 2011’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Panel

Live From Comic-Con 2011’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Panel

BioWare and LucasArts are showing off the latest from their ambitious, massively multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic at Comic-Con today, giving us the skinny on the Star Wars a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Let’s see what’s new in BioWare’s Star Wars MMO, which we’re talking about in the liveblog below.


    • Let the anger flow younglings. Embrace the dark side ….

      Or just order it from Amazon. That’s what I did … 🙂

      • They literally pushed me to the Dark side. I was going to play on an Australian server as a Jedi, while my american friends who I play WoW with were going Sith. So, now that I have to play with them… going Sith.

  • Yeah really surprised no one pulled them up on that. We are now on to the second 100+ page thread in the forums on this issue.

  • Meh, I just used my works proxy and pre-ordered from the Origin store… Hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.

    • Did you require an american address? I’ve tried to do this via steam but the CC info I supply never seems to work for a ‘US’ version.

  • The majority of people in the public, and even journos, go weak at the knees and get scared to ask hard questions like, “So how does it feel to have annoyed the majority of MMO gamers in English speaking Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc, etc?” or even better, “How does it feel to be blocking access to this game to US troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan?” I would LOVE to see a Bioware person squirm in their seat after being asked that in a roomful of American citizens.

    • That isn’t really a “hard question” so much as just expressing annoyance at them. It’s journalistically useless and a waste of an opportunity at obtaining actual information; nobody cares how they feel about it. No doubt the developers would love to open in as many countries as possible anyway, and have nothing to do with the decision or logistics. You’d just get an apology. Asking them exactly why they aren’t in X, Y, and Z country might be more illuminating.

    • Yes. Please. At this stage with no firm answer on why they failed to compensate for a worldwide release, our even a firm answer on whether it will be weeks our months until they release it elsewhere, I truly believe we should be boycotting any of their products for the foreseeable future.

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