Star Wars: The Old Republic US And European Ships Date Announced

Star Wars: The Old Republic launches on December 20 in North America and December 22 in European territories, Bioware and LucasArts said this morning.

"This is an incredible moment for everyone at BioWare and our partners at LucasArts who have dedicated their lives to build this extraordinary game. We appreciate the patience from the millions of fans who have been waiting for the game's release."


    The patience of non-North American, non-European fans however, is still being tested.

      Hopefully EA's PR here will have a press release ready-to-go Monday with a date for Australia. Crossing fingers it'll be in sync with EU.

        I just ordered mine online. You can still get it shipped to Australia. Just can't buy it from the stores here. However there won't be any Australian servers, so it's going to be laggy for us of course. Unsure of when or if they will be having Australian servers. I believe they are waiting to see how the game kicks off.

    Hoping for an Aussie release date soon.

    Why not just release it on xmas eve or even xmas day?!
    Dumbasses lol

    Lets segregate our community!!! Release it to a minority percentage of players 2 days before another percentage of our players and then the rest of the world can catch up at an undisclosed date further down the line?

      Last I heard, Aus release is an estimated april, but I wouldn't be surprised if we've been lumped in with the Asian demographic despite being a NA based gaming culture.. Waiting on gametraders to import for local distribution.

      I'm hoping that the delay is going to mean servers that are some how localised but I also hope we find a method of interplanetary space travel before I die, and I know which one is more likely.

        April? Are you serious? And here I was suddenly excited, thinking maybe we would get it alongside the EU (as for some reason companies think we have more to do with non-English speaking EU countries than we do with our primary source of media, the US).

        I was hoping to play this for the few months between Xmas and the GW2 launch while I had nothing else to play. Sadface.

          Why would you think that? They've said for months now that the launch was US and Europe only, with other territories possibly being added at an indeterminate time later (i.e. next year some time). They have said they won't IP block though, so you can import a copy and play on one of the launch servers. There's no guarantee that there ever will be an Oceania server anyway, so chances are you'd be playing on an international server regardless (like pretty much every other MMO).

      All I can say is that I will probably be playing GW2 (which I'm dying for) before SWTOR is available for general purchase in Australia.

      If you are desperate to play, you can probably import from UK or USA. they were posting on the forums that it wouldn't be region blocked.

    While it sucks for Australians big time, I just realised I am going to actually be in the US on Dec 20th! Looks like I'll be taking pre-orders for my mates :p

    Getting the collectors imported via amazon. Expected Delivery - 22nd to the 29th... Why did it have to be so close to Christmas...

    Order it of Amazon like every other Australian who wants to play on release. You'll get the disc late but the entire client will be up for download.

    Right before Christmas? That is so gay.

      Yes. A pre-Christmas launch is so very homosexual. What are you, 12?

    Ordered the CE on Amazon so I already have a product key ready to go, I just hope it's not locked in our region until the official Australian release.

      I considered doing the same thing until the thought of having region-locked servers became real. At the same time, I'll want to play this with my friends (all of whom will be playing on Aussie servers), not alone with Americans.

    Think about it, people have stuff to do around Xmas. It'll ease up the load on the servers. That's why they're probably doing it this way.

    I don't see why people are getting fussy, just play WoW with the Imperial March playing through your speakers, it's basically the same then.

      Maybe in your eyes, but not to the thousands of others getting it.

      Every new MMO gets plugged as a "wow clone", so the term really has no meaning

    Guess ill have to wait and see if will ship my order then, since i did preorder it a few months ago now when they first started taking pre-orders

    Amazon all the way :) Hopefully the shipping doesn't take too long!

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