Star Wars: The Old Republic's New 'Global' Release Date Does Not Include Australia

Over the weekend Bioware sent out a release stating that Star Wars: The Old Republic would now have a "Global Launch Date", but after checking with EA locally, we've been informed that Australia and New Zealand will not be involved in that Global Launch.

The release on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website stated the following...

Today BioWare and LucasArts are excited to announce that the new global launch date for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ will be December 20th, 2011. Updating from previously announced plans, the release will now be simultaneous in North American and European launch territories!

There had been speculation on the site forums that Australia and New Zealand's dates would be moved forward - a reasonable assumption considering both countries are part of the 'globe' - but a local representative informed us that the "local message had not changed". They're still waiting for an official release date for the Star Wars: The Old Republic locally. According to EA, Star Wars: The Old Republic was still very much on a staggered launch schedule for the Oceania region.

There are, however, some positive signs. Bioware has been involved in beta testing with Australian players, which signifies that a local release date may come sooner than we initially expected.


    So I guess that makes it official. We are not part of the world.

      Thank god because Earth is screwed. Long live Austranus (Australia + Uranus)

        Have you seen the animation "end of ze world"... apparently after everyone blows each up other up, only australia, Hawaii and alaska survive =D

          Ah yes, I quote it every day. It is only 'end of ze world' on YouTube. Its got its own website!

      Being in aus and being a part of the beta I can safely say there is no reason not to include Australia in the global release. the game plays like a dream come true.

        Agreed I'm testing it too from Melbourne

    So a Global launch date that doesn't include the entire globe.

    Blow it out your ass EA.

    Maybe they just forgot Australia and NZ existed.

    A lot of developers seem to be doing that.

      RockStarCorp : Does anyone know what this Noire the L.A guys are working on? Its taking alot of time and money for some reason
      RockStarLA : We aren’t working on a game called Noire :?
      RockStarCorp : Then where is all this money and time going???
      *From the dark corner of the office*
      RockStarAU : That’s a game we are working on, its called L.A. Noire
      RockStarCorp : WTF!!! We have game game developers in AU!!!! Quick release the game and shut them down….
      ..... *requires processing time*
      RockStarCorp : Wait... We have a RockStar team in AU :? Where have you guys been?

      Im going to end if here lol :)

    We're hardly a global backwater -__-

    Australia hasn't been a part of the 'world' in video game terms since I was a kid. Nothing new.

    and EA wonders why everyone hates them as much as activsion.
    Giant publishers have been the death of gaming and the treatment of consumers.

      EA are worse than Activision. EA's archaic DRM and DRM policy's are the industry worst... Closely followed by Ubisoft always online (Which I believe they are slowly abandoning due to them knowing it sucks)

      CD Project Red really need to get into publishing, they'd ensure games were DRM free.

        No see, I'll deal with DRM any day of the week over Activision's lack of creative vision. At least I get to see interesting titles coming out of EA now and then :S

    This explains why there's no Australian fighters in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

    Well that killed any interest I had in reversing my no MMO policy. If I'm not going to be caught up in the launch hype I'm not going to be interested at all.

    Maybe they think AU and NZ are content with sheep?

      Coming soon:

      Oceanic Wars: The Wool Republic

      Ba ba ba baaaaa-BAAAA


        Brilliant... just amazing :D

    Is it really a problem?

    I mean why do you guys care when you get on board a failing MMO - it brings nothing new and will just suffer because it is developed with Lucas breathing down it's neck - you know the same guy ruining all his early work by "fixing" it.

      While you may not want to play it, and I find it odd that you are checking and commenting on news stories about it if thats the case, surely you are not naive enough to believe that everyone else thinks the same way?

      Like, how was this comment necessary?


        In other news, i got a beta invite but dont have the bandwidth to download the game

        makes me so sad...stupid 30gb beta file

        Actually Lucas handed all creative direction to bioware and well opted out by his own choosing. As of a fair while ago he was no longer being consulted directly or was he even putting in his 2 cents. I believe as far as he's concerned they have all the info on the universe and the IP they need. But yer, failing mmo? I don't have the time to point out your cynicism and stupidity with logic and fact.

    There are a BUTTLOAD of awesome single player games being released this quarter. Don't get me wrong, I adore Bioware and KotOR as much as the next fanboy, but... I'll have Skyrim, so who cares? :P

      Batman:Arkham City, Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3...

      This is seriously a bumper Summer season. Just one of those games can eat up the hours, but mixed together? Hundreds of hours.

        Funny how people make comments like we are "always" last to get games, or forgotten by devs.
        When we get most of the highly anticipated releases in the same week as NA and EU... hell sometimes we even get the games a day earlier thanks to the international date line!

        I completely agree the delayed launch sucks, but if it bothers you so much just Amazon it.

        We will probably get some new "oceanic" (doubtfully local) servers when they do launch it here, if that's the case we'll have our own little launch buzz :)

          btw replied to your post because you listed the games ;) not because im suggesting you're complaining about anything! :D

      whoops wrong reply, this was meant for that cymelion twat.

    Bad news for the Australian and NZ community for sure.

    But if you really want to play you can still import. Bioware have confirmed that they won't be restricting access to anyone based on IP address. It just makes it a little more difficult with having to actually import a physical game disk. The servers were never going to be locally hosted. Like World of Warcraft, the servers would still be in the US.

    I've recently just cancelled my WoW subscription after activating it in 2007, and I plan to stay MMO free. So for me, this is kind of good news.

      Not that I believe a LOT of sales will be lost, but it's a shame that retail in Australia will be cut out of the picture, leading to poorer sales figures when it does go live, helping to contribute to the statistics that lead to decisions like not supporting Australia as strongly... then again, anyone in sales who looks at sales stats and comes to the conclusion that they should spend less effort on Australia fails terribly at their job :)

      Well if ozgameshop stock it, it'll be more cost effective to import anyway so you might as well

    We are not apart of the globe.

    Fine we'll go and start our own planet then! With hookers! and blackjack!

      Forget the planet and the blackjack!

      It may be early but I am sure this comment will be the highlight of my day. Gave me a good chuckle.

    On a continent far far away we have to wait to play.

    I still don't get it. Unless they are physically setting up servers within the country, there's no reason for this - we are part of the NA gaming culture, regardless of location(Or more to the point, we let NA be a part of the AU culture). The only thing I can come up with is they couldn't get enough boxes into the country, which sounds like a good thing for marketing if I remember right, in addition to be a weaker argument than the plot for MW2.

      Even if they were setting up local servers (unlike Blizzard, EA actually might do this, they did with Warhammer) there's no reason to delay our launch. We pay twice as much at retail, play during off-peak US times, and also it's not as if there's an unknown amount of demand, plus it's not as if the release is sneaking up on them, they've had months and months to plan some local servers.

      They're intentionally limiting supply early on for some asinine reason. It probably sounded good to their marketing guys, but to me it makes them sound like they're not confident in the game.

    I'm kind of OK waiting till March.
    MMO's always have buggy launches, by the time we get it, it'll have been patched up.

    I am a bit pissed the collectors edition isn't available in Australia though.
    Mark, can you ask EA if they'll be doing one for the AU launch?

    If people import this game from Amazon doesn't that mean they will be stuck on some US server? Where as if they wait for the Oceanic release there will also (presumably) be an Oceanic server? Everyone will be on a level playing field and no one misses out. The only REAL difference is that we(oceania) are waiting a little bit longer for a better experience .. btw - I played over the beta weekend and the game is excellent + pings are sub 200ms entire time.

      The only problem is it will be an Oceanic server, based on the West Coast of the US. They label the server as oceanic, but the actual physical servers are located in the US. So you might as well import and play on the US servers, especially if you were getting 200ms latency.

      Hell I used to play with 600-800ms in the early days of WoW and still play efficiently.

        Ping was 160ms-180ms and I played nearly 24/7 over 3 days ;) I realize the server will be located West Coast/Cali but I still think waiting for the Oceanic server is going to offer the best experience for players. Early birds will suffer because undoutedly Oceanic server will be more populated at the right times? Shrug. Just my thoughts anyway

        The value in Oceanic servers (even if they are just a label and a clock setting) is that they provide a meeting point for players in our region. It makes for a much more effective distribution of players. Instead of having 60 Australian players spread over a dozen servers with an average of 5 players per server, you've got all 60 on one server playing together.
        It doesn't sound that important, but I know Rift and DCUO would have benefited a whole lot from Oceanic servers on day one. In DCUO during prime time I'd have to wait hours for a PvP session or group. With all 20 Australian players on one realm it would have still been a ghost town, but at least there would have been the possibility of doing end-game content without staying up until 1AM.

          Luckily Trion approached it the right way when they added the Oceanic specific servers though by allowing free realm transfers.

          But if you frequent sites like Aus MMO etc, prior to the games launching when the server lists have been confirmed they decide on Unofficial Oceanic servers (providing no actual Oceanic servers exist). Many of the ones they decided for Rift were swarming with Aussies/NZers on launch.

            I try but somehow I always manage to be on the wrong unofficial Australian server. =P

      I have to admit that I was surprised with how little lag I've been getting and fairly impressed with how much difference a fully voiced approach makes to the game.

      Unfortunately I'm hitting the point where I need to team up with people and be felpful and social and all those other ghastly things! This is why single player is better, I can be a bitter misanthrope and noone objects

        felpful (Adj): Just like helpful but with more felping

    I guess "3/4 of the Globe Release!" just wasn't punchy enough a message for another self gratifying media release.

    I'm Australian and I got invited to Beta test from the 14th till 18th this Month so I can't complain :)

    Having played the closed beta over the weekend I will be very surprised if they don't also announce oceanic region also included. Very Stable lag.

    Awesome game too!

    The silver lining is that they seem to acknowledge the concept of Oceanic players, so at the very least we should get a US server set to our local time. I'd hate to see this turn out like Rift with the Australian/New Zealand playerbase spread out over a bunch of US centric realms.

    Fuck EA (again). Man why do I need to keep saying that?

    Oh Ea... Why you hate us soo much...

    Regional pricing... and now this??

    Looks like ill be importing this for sure now :/

    Does Origin allow gifting cross regions?

      As near as I can tell, origin doesn't allow gifting at all. That or australians aren't given access to the feature for... some reason or other

      Dude they are locking out aussie ips and have a ping cap. You wont be able to play it they arnt stupid. you will waste your money.

    Poop i want this game before i die of old age. but how hard is it for EA and the Pile of money this game is gonna make To just pay a Australian ISP like iiNet or Optus to host the server for them? iiNet host game Servers for LOADS of over games through the Company 3FL(Which is Pretty much iiNet) iiNet have a GLobal Server hosting PArtner too Hypernia. So what the Issue EA?

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