Bioware Now Testing The Old Republic With Australian and New Zealand Players

Bioware Now Testing The Old Republic With Australian and New Zealand Players

As we all know, Australians won’t be able to play The Old Republic on launch date. Despite our local suffering, Bioware has sent out invites to Australian players to test out the Beta – presumably to test out their servers for when the game goes global.

“Data from this test will be used to inform decisions about the launch of the game in Oceanic regions,” claimed Bioware Community Manager Allison Berryman

“We currently have no updates regarding the launch of the game in these or other territories, but will provide information as it becomes available.”

The Old Republic launches in the US this December, but we currently have idea when the game will be released officially in Australia. Bioware has previously stated, however, that it won’t region block or IP block any player who imports the game.

AU and NZ get in on Star Wars: The Old Republic testing [VG247]


    • well since Bio has decided that Aust and NZ are not good enough to get the same release date as the rest of the world I will be staying with WOW and rift :). The game looks as cartoonish as WOW yet its 7 years younger and cant afford ocenanic servers based in Australia. Goodbye for us in Aussie Land. By the time Australians start playing the US players will be epic and Aussies will still be in greens. Lol to the fools that give this MMO a go.

  • Given the Beta participation is a short segment, I bet I’d get my invitation when I’m off to Singapore in 3 weeks and it will expire before I get back.

  • omfg, I changed my country last week to germany because I thought we’d never get an invite and hoping that I was seen as European.. fark

  • Typical that I get my invite just as my net connection starts to get shittier. Oh well, a stuttery look is better than no look at all

  • “but we currently have idea when the game will be released officially in Australia”

    Oo, so when do you think it will be?


    • One of the local staff said he’d seen April/march mentioned somewhere, but it wasn’t official and just people guessing. Very “Friend of a friend” but it makes sense.

      • pretty sure that’s the general assumption.

        Most MMO’s have a drop off in players after 3 months. So opening it up to a new userbase allows you to fill that drop off with new players and prevents the need for 5 million players worth of servers on day one.

        Since you can start with 3.5 million. Loose a million of the people who speed rush through and go back to WoW etc. and then let the other’s in to fill in the gap they left

  • Also got an invite, but that was after changing my local details to Colorado.
    And it runs from Friday 9am, till midnight Tuesday our times.

  • Woo 30GB+ of downloads to play for some of 2 days. You know, I don’t think I’d be that thrilled if I did get an invite.

    • 30gb Space needed – not necessarily 30gb dl (looks to be around 15-16gb, though the installed hasn’t finished yet) – and 6 days of gameplay is a fair trade for the download 😀

  • Damn iv been aiting for this game since its website first went up and been signed up for beta almost as long and no invite 🙁 so Jelly

  • My wife and I didnt get in 🙁
    doh! This sucks 🙁

    Didnt get into Diablo 3 beta either.

    I’m a professional software tester and programmer with 15 years experience – and I dont get selected for beta tests.

        • Well, there’s a big difference between QA testing and player testing. You’d be great for alpha/early beta, but this late you’d want to think most of what left are design, rather than technical or system, issues, like balance, flavour, and other words that you need large samples to get an idea off.

          On the other hand, it’s a large scale MMO with large amounts of hype, so it can’t hurt to have another actual person in there with all the mouth breathers, actually betaing instead of demoing.

  • Didnt even know there was an opt-in option >_<

    Only just applied for the Blizzard general beta stuff awhile ago as well 😛

    I really need to pay more attention these days 🙂

  • Osi I’m pretty sure they don’t review people’s resumes before they hand out beta invites.

    PS I got one =P I’m a Software Engineer too =P

  • You know.. I don’t want to beta test this one.. I am wanting the best overall experience as I can get, so happy for it to come when it comes and have all the testing done by others 🙂

  • The beta test hardly lasts long :/ Only goes from 9am on the 14th until 11:59pm on the 18th (Sydney time).

    Oh well, still going to make the most of this invite 😀

  • “Australians won’t be able to play The Old Republic on launch date”

    This is a complete misnomer. Australians can and will be playing TOR on launch day (myself included). What they can’t do is buy a copy of the game locally. That is easily rectified by buying it online.

    I got an invite to this beta as well. Caught me by surprise, as I had snuck into last weekend’s beta via a spare account a friend let me borrow. This one is 5 days. Good times, but I will likely have shaved a few years off my life from lack of sleep.

    • “This is a complete misnomer. Australians can and will be playing TOR on launch day (myself included).”

      Won’t the shipping delay mean it’ll arrive well after? Especially that close to Christmas..

      • Yeah, anything is possible I guess. Pre-ordering grants you early access though, which means you have already downloaded the full client and are playing about a week earlier. All you need to keep playing from launch day onwards is the serial/key that comes with the retail game, so I guess it depends on whether you can access that ahead of time. Possibly not from some retailers I would imagine, but for other it may be possible.

  • Got the invite here too. Limited to 5 days, three of which I’m away at the MotoGP! Like I only waited two years for an invite, and now this. *Sob*

    No, you can’t use my account you Seagulls.

  • Finished beta testing at midnight.

    8 characters, each with unique stories.
    Just. Awesome.

    Chipmonks who call themselves ‘journalists’ by bagging this game after spending 25 minutes at some convention need to shut the hell up.

    Have gone from writing this game off (no Oceanic servers) to bursting with exitement.

    Think SWKOTOR – but bigger. Much, much bigger.

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