Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Delayed Until 2012

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Delayed Until 2012

We’ve just received word from Konami that Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D for the 3DS has been delayed until 2012.

Our local reps couldn’t provide us with the reason why the game has been delayed, and couldn’t provide us with a more specific date than ‘2012’, but we can only assume that – hopefully – the final release date will fall in the first half of 2012 at the very latest.

As a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, I’m pretty disappointed. I was looking forward to play what is probably my favourite MGS game in 3D, on my 3DS, but when you consider the fact that Metal Gear Solid 3 is being re-released in HD for the 360 and the PS3 late this year, I’ll most likely just end up replaying Snake Eater on one of my home consoles.

The bad news just continues to pile on for the Nintendo’s troubled handheld – I know plenty of folks who were planning to buy a 3DS specifically for this game. The fact that it’s going to miss the holiday period, in addition to the fact that Snake Eater is making its way to home consoles early, is tough for the 3DS on a number of fronts.

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  • As much as I love my 3DS, there’s very little to recommend it at the moment. There just aren’t enough games for it, and many anticipated ones have been either delayed or cancelled.

    • It’s the new Nintendo dilemma. They make great hardware but often fail to back it up with enough great software to make the hardware worthwhile.

      • “Great” hardware? Hardly.
        I had already owned and burnt out on the Gamecube the first time they released it.

        • I guess it’s a matter of opinion.
          I love my Gamecube and it still works perfectly and is getting a work-out by my 10-year-old every day.
          I think the graphics it was capable of producing were far superior to those of the PS2 and Xbox (which I also love by the way, I’m in no way a Nintendo fangirl more of a Sony one if anything)and some of the games were completely new experiences.

          • I was trying to make the point that the Wii’s hardware was the same as the GCN and by that stage it wasn’t “Great” anymore.

    • don’t think you need to worry about Sony going away anytime soon. 🙂 They’re still eeiraslng FFXIII on the PS3 (and ONLY the PS3 in Japan), the Versus game is still exclusive to the PS3, and there are other exclusives to the PS3. FPS games may get a lot of the attention these days, but RPGs, strategy games, action adventure games, and sports games are all very much alive and well today. In short, you don’t need to be regretting your PS3 purchase.

  • Nintendo really aren’t having much success with it’s 3DS are they? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for attempting paradigm shift in the gaming world it keeps things exciting. But it’s clearly not working for Nintendo this time round.

    I wonder exactly what has caused this delay from Konami though?

    As mentioned in the article I too will probably will play through this iteration of the series again in it’s HD release. To be quite honest i think I’d prefer it that way anyway.

  • I was one of the people willing to give the 3DS a shot when this came out but like you said Mark, the HD re-release on the 360 will probably be the way to go now.

    • the gameboy games are for sp and they go in the totbom slot of the ds the top slot is for the ds games so the sp hasnt got a top slot so sadly no you cant but by the way the ds was made after the sp way after the sp so that wouldnt make sense

  • i have the subsistance collection package on my ps2. why would i want to play this awesome experience on a handheld?
    people who havnt played are better off buying a pre-owned $70 ps2 from eb and picking up a copy of the subsistance version.

    • Easier said than done, last time I was looking the subsistence version cost upward of $150.00. (Last year) I ended up having to swallow snake eater instead.

  • It’s getting harder to shrug off the constant delays and cancelations of games.

    I wanted to pass train rides just talking on codec to fictional characters sadface.

  • Yeah that might be the deal sealer for me, think I’ll trade it in now. I bought it for 3D, but the only decent games to play, are the older DS ones

  • Im kinda glad I traded my 3DS in now. I dont hate the 3DS, just want more games.
    I think next year will be a better time to pick one up, which I will do (Luigi’s Mansion 2 ftw!)
    But atm, the 3DS is very ‘meh’ in my opinion.

  • I’ll be keeping mine. I’m still slowly working through the OOT Master Quest, then I’ll get back to Link’s Awakening. Then hopefully RE Revelations will be out.

  • Chances are the HD collection will be out first, and while 3D is a nice option, I think most would certainly prefer the HD treatment over 3D on the smallish screen.

    Certainly I fear the sales of this won’t be anywhere near what they could have been now.

  • I was looking forward to Metal Gear Solid 3DS…but truth be told, once they announced the MGS Collection for the PS3, well I knew which console I would be replaying on

    MGS3 with Trophies over MGS3 on the 3DS without trophies…well I know which one wins 🙂

    Seriously, I’m actually partially happy it got delayed, a break between the PS3 rerelease and 3DS version would be nice

  • Does the HD version have 3D support on PS3 and/or 360? Some of Sony’s other HD updates (Sly and Ico/Sotc) have added 3D support, but I’m not sure if any 3rd party publishers have done the same with their HD releases.

  • The demo for Snake Eater 3D that I played at E3 felt quite rough around the edges. A delay sounds like a positive step, if it will improve the quality of the game experience.

    As has been said, the HD remakes will have a negative effect on the 3DS version’s potential sales. I’m not sure if I’ll need to buy a handheld version if I have a home console version.

    Finally, I’m worried about how people are turning against the 3DS. People have every right to complain when the device they have bought isn’t living up to expectations, but I fear that the negativity will have repercussions on sales and subsequently game development on the system. I really like the system, so am still hoping for it to succeed.

  • Haha, I reckon people who buy their 3DS’s in early 2012 get the best deal.
    May be slightly cheaper, but by that time, Animal Crossing, Heroes Of Ruin, Kid Icarus, Mariokart, and all the other big name e3 titles will be out.
    But I honestly wouldn’t trade mine in. Despite the save delete debacle, RE is actually insanely fun.
    I aim to do what I do in all shooting game.
    Target the crotch.

  • Man that’s balls!

    I’ve been hanging out for MGS 3D for AGGEEESSSSSS!!!!

    I guess that’s the thing with Konami games though. You wait ages for them because they’re always adding some neat finishing touches.

    HD Collection on XBox for the first time ever! No more PS3 exclusive. I’m getting that for sure!

    In the mean time, it’s Pro Evo 2011 as my game of choice for my 3DSn’

  • Yeah, guess that means I won’t buy a 3DS until at least 2012. Prolly later though, because I bet a week before the game releases Nintendo comes out and shows the 3DS slim or whatever which will be released in 2013…. and then I’ll wait longer 😛

  • No surprise here, The HD collection will be a verbatim to the past games but in HD, the 3DS version will include new content, New game mechanics and new controls, Konami doesn’t want to lose sales releasing a version with more features before they have made money with the one with less features.

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