Ms Splosion Man Priced Reasonably, Maybe Coming To Steam

Two things we're quite sure of regarding Ms Splosion Man, the next game from Twisted Pixel and semi-sequel to Xbox Live Arcade game 'Splosion Man: it is coming to Xbox 360 this Wednesday, July 6 for 800 Microsoft Points.

That's straight from the developer's press release on the matter.

The other thing we're not so sure of (yet). But Rock Paper Shotgun spotted a Steam listing, since removed, for Ms Splosion Man, potentially a clue that the game is not merely an Xbox Live Arcade title, but a future PC release as well.

Twisted Pixel released The Maw on PC in 2009, but its most recent efforts - 'Splosion Man, Comic Jumper and the forthcoming Kinect shooter The Gunstringer - have been Xbox 360-only jams.


    Why isn't it just called 'Splosion Woman?

      Ms. Pac-Man...

      Why does this need to be answered EVERY SINGLE TIME an article related to Ms Splosion Man hits Kotaku?

    Would love to see this (and the original?) on Steam/PC.

    As far as I know it's coming next Wednesday? The 15th? for reference...

    Really excited for this. First was great fun, and what I played in the beta was super awesome. Lots of nice improvements.

      And they literally just tweeted!/twisted_pixel/status/88425081126125568

    I tried the beta also - they really pulled out the stops on this, the control is all the same but the number of things you're doing has increased. And the tutorial movie is funny as hell!

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