Real-Life Flipping Is Much More Colourful Than Video Game Flipping

Real-Life Flipping Is Much More Colourful Than Video Game Flipping
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Jumping enthusiast Robert Souris recently broke the world record for distance flipping, hurling himself nearly 6m through the air while dressed as a superhero of his own creation, all in the name of showing children how much more fun real jumping around is than virtual jumping around.

Dressed as Zero G, his own super hero creation, and flanked by Spider-Man, Superman, the Green Lantern, and shirtless guy, Robert Souris broke the distance flipping world record by mere inches after several failed attempts. He can be seen in the video below, excitedly throwing himself into the air again and again in order to break the previous record of 5.84m. Robert finally hit 5.94m, soaring into the record books. Then he called the nation fat.

“Our country is an obese nation,” he told NBC News. “It’s easy to hit ‘A’ on a video game controller and make somebody do a flip. It’s another whole different experience to go out into the world and do it yourself.”

I have no problem whatsoever with children running outside and flipping about. Hell, when I was a kid I would regularly look for hills to throw myself down. It wasn’t exactly flipping, but it was fun, and kept me active, if a bit bruised.

In fact, the only real problem I have with Robert and his message is his use of mixed comic book continuities to promote his message. Spider-Man and Superman, living together? The Green Lantern reduced to measuring distance for a leaping man? And who is this mysterious shirtless man? Is he from an Image comic?

Look, the message is sound, and the execution is rather exciting. I appreciate what Robert is trying to do, but he needs to leave the comic book stuff to us lazy gaming types. I mean seriously.

Man jumps nearly 20 feet to world record [MSNBC]


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