Take A Hint, Tails

Take A Hint, Tails

Pondering why Sonic’s fourth game paired him with Knuckles, and not Tails, Dorkly envisions this uncomfortable meeting with the hedgehog’s agent. The audience wants unlikely allies, right? Even as hated, as Jar-Jar-class loathed as Tails is, somehow, we can’t help but think this is where it all started to turn south for the series.


  • Hated Knuckles when they introduced him, still hate him now. Tails ftw!

    Like others though, I’m confused as to where the alleged Tails hate comes from. Methinks Owen is pulling it out of his arse in true KotakuUS style.

    • Dammit, I wish I’d seen this sooner. Either way in the hopes you come back to this article perhaps YOU should do the simplest of reading.

      The negative opinions of a “writer” from Cracked, two IGN editors and a GameDaily article are all there is and the section of the article you linked actually opens with Tails being awared Best New Character by EGM as well as a mention of Sega noticing the popularity of Tails and the article ends with another IGN editior saying the fan response to Tails’ introduction was favourable.
      Not to mention Jubs’ response that leads to an official poll listing Tails as third popular in the series.

  • Hey now! Tails is the 3rd most popular Sonic character according to this official poll:


    Tails is actually my favourite video game ever. Yes sure he has the tendency to be annoying but I love him because of the memories I had playing as him on Sonic 3, two-players with my older brother. I loved feeling useful carrying up Sonic to places he wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to. It was like they came to my 7 year-old self and asked me what my dream character was and the result was Tails.

    This video was hilarious btw.

  • You know saying that SOnic and Knuckles is where the series went down is like saying Ocarina of Time is when Zelda started to go down hill. If you actually use the expansion pack with Sonic 3 you get Sonic 3 and Knuckles which unlocks Tails for SOnic and Knuckles and Knuckles for Sonic 3 and is regarded as the best Sonic game in the series from those who actually played it… basically everyone minus journalists who just want to criticise the series minus sonic 1 and 2 (the only two games they bothered to play).

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