The GameFAQs Of 1994 Was Way Cooler

These days, if you're stuck in a game, you hit the internet. YouTube and GameFAQs are your best friends. Back in the 1990s, things weren't so simple!

Your options were more complicated. You could ask your friends for help, but they were likely to either not know or be full of shit. You could call a tips line for help, but they were expensive. Reddit user spiffggg had the right idea: send a letter straight to the developers.

Stuck on a puzzle in King's Quest IV, spiffggg wrote to developers Sierra and actually received a response. From a human. A human who even signed their name as Larry Laffer, star of Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry series.

I hope that letter is now framed and locked behind glass.

I wrote a letter to Sierra when I was 9. Look who responded.... [Reddit]


    Man, fond memories of buying game mags and books that were dedicated to walkthroughs of games.

    I think I may have a really really old NES compilation book of game guides lying around somewhere.

    How spoiled we are these days!

    Using usenet newsgroups for gaming help in the early 90s was where it was it. I wish I still had my dot matrix print outs of the moves list from Way Of The Warrior on 3DO for posterity.

    Those were the days. When I actually used to spend money on those "Prima official guides" and read them cover to cover.

      I remember those. I was doing it as late as Final Fantasy X.

      I actually got one recently because it came with Final Fantasy XIII, but I ended up using gamefaqs anyway lol.

    Good old Sierra. I think I requested a couple of hints by letter :) Good memories!

    I remember buying my first copy of PC PowerPlay because it had the solution to the problem I was stcu on in The Dig. Good times.

    Reminds me of the days when game manuals had an ad for a game 'helpline' on the back where you pay phone sex-rates for tips.

      I remember paying those rates a couple times in the early 90s. Hehe I remember how when gamefaqs took off and destroyed the helpline economy. You even had the issue of certain offical forums banning the talk of gamefaqs until it finally hit critical mass and they gave up.

    I remember ringing the sega hotline for cheats on the Mega Drive, my parents would get mighty p*ssed when the phone bill came later that month, $5 a minute really adds up when you're trying to write down all the fatalities for Mortal Kombat.

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