The Neon Genesis Evangelion Bike You Can Buy

Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion has spawned more than figures, posters and booze. It's also produced race cars, hybrid cars, and really fast motorbikes. Would you like to buy an Eva bike?

Well, you can! On August 1, orders will start being accepted for the the Kawasaki Ninja 250R Eva superbike, which has previously competed in the eight-hour Suzuka endurance road race, among other events.

The bike is a priced at ¥698,000 ($8187).

エヴァンゲリオンRT初号機Ninja250R、トリックスターから発売 | レスポンス (ニューモデル、新型車のニュース) [Response]


    Soo the link goes to a 250R but that thing pictured above is more like a ZX-10R

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