It’s Like My Little Pony, But With Evangelion

You are looking at some of the strangest Neon Genesis Evangelion products ever released: Evangelion branded mini toy horses.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an iconic Japanese manga and anime that launched in the mid-1990s.

The Italian inflatable Rody toy is teaming up with apocalyptic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion for mini Rody horses made to look like the Evangelion characters.

The result is truly bizarre! And that's saying something, seeing as how nutso Evangelion branding has been in the past. ($600 Eva booze anyone?)

The Evangelion Rody cost ¥3990 ($47) each and go on sale this July.

レイちゃんに乗っちゃダメだよ! [Kotaku Japan]


    If only the came with fake Lance of Longinus so you could pretend joust each other...

    why dont they just finish the damn rebuild instead?

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