Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Coming To Netflix (Australia Too!)

Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Coming To Netflix (Australia Too!)

Netflix just announced that the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series, along with two films, will be coming to the streaming service next year.

All 26 episodes of the 1995 anime will be made available, as will the films The End of Evangelion & Evangelion: Death (True)2.

They’ll be available in autumn next year. Netflix’s local team confirmed that Neon Genesis will come to Australian Netflix as well, but the precise date is still under wraps for now.


  • Awesome! Have really been wanting to watch this in 1080p.

    Wonder if this means we’ll get the final Rebuild movie as a worldwide Netflix release.

  • Excellent. Anyone care to comment on the “age appropriateness” of this one? Not okay for an 11 year old im guessing?

    • ((Sorry, pressed wrong key and editing is virtually impossible now)).

      Nope, the themes are well in the M 15+ bracket. In some cases even MA 15+.

    • People say its not appropriate for kids but i would bet the majority of fans were introduced to it as kids. I watched it when i was 8 or 9 on cartoon network and am very grateful because it opened my eyes to complex ideas and philosophies. Im not even sure many adults would like it if they had never seen it before. Its more like its an MA show designed for kids/teenagers.

      If the kid is well natured and reasonably smart i recommend it.

    • Have to admit I was 11/12 when it came to Australia and I watched it. A lot of the themes went straight over my head, I just watched it because it was cool. A “beefier” version of Tekkaman Blade (Which I should watch again, come to think of it).

      Slightly different, but in a similar boat. Would you let your 11yr old watch Shrek or Toy Story or even Grease. I mean… Watching them as an adult… ooo boy haha

      I’ve watched the original series 3 times in total now.

      • I can’t think of anything in Toy Story that is not appropriate except for maybe when Buzz’s wings pop out.

        • Oh yeah, when Jessie jumps on him. I forgot that

          The Hook’er comes to mind hehe

          Come to think of it, I should have s aid the Shrek series and Toy Story series, especially Toy Story 3 and it’s strong allusions to The Holocaust

    • The TV series is rated M and the End of Evangelion movie is rated MA15+. If you’re interested in specifics, I’ve added a list (under a spoiler tag if anyone else wants to go in blind, but I won’t be mentioning the characters involved)

      TV SHOW:
      – Arguably non-sexual nudity in several scenes, including at least one where full breasts are shown
      – Mixture of mild sexual references that would probably go over a kid’s head and one actual sex scene that’s mostly talking and happens off screen very late in the show. The show also goes into….I’ll call them hallucination sequences for the least spoilery and most understandable way, in some episodes where sexual references are made that are obvious enough probably even an 11 year old would pick up on them, even if they don’t understand the full context
      – Very late into the show, some characters are strangled/commit suicide/get shot/are decapitated but it’s mostly not shown and more implied. I’d argue none of the deaths are graphic. There are some rather violent fight scenes, though mostly between robots and aliens.

      END OF EVANGELION MOVIE (The ‘Death’ movie is a recap with a few extra scenes, the same warnings as above apply)
      – Explicitly sexual in a way the TV show isn’t. Opens with an off-screen masturbation scene, and there are three sex scenes of varying metaphoricality (is that a word?) in the second half of the movie. Also a very large amount of sexual imagery and metaphor unrelated to the actual characters but still very clearly sexual in nature (a big theme of this movie is the concept of ‘life and death’ as…displayed kind of crudely through allusions to vaginas and birth.)
      – There is a LOT of death in the first half. People get shot, run over and blown up, including main characters. One particularly disturbing death scene involving a character getting speared.
      – One of the main characters is naked throughout the majority of the movie.
      Note that Evangelion shouldn’t really be watched without also watching End of Evangelion as EoE is an extremely important part in both the story and thematic of the series.

      Your 11 year old is probably old enough to comprehend most of it, but I’d be holding off for a few years before you show them it if you deem it inappropriate. I’m a teenager myself and I don’t have much perspective on what kids should or shouldn’t be watching as I’m not a parent obviously, but I’m pretty sure you should pass on this one. For now.

      • Thanks very much for taking the time to write all of that – it’s very much appreciated. Definitely thinking this one can come out a few years down the track.
        Thanks again.

  • Pity the final third or so of the series sucks balls cause they ran out of money. It’s a great series until then but you can clearly see the shift in style when it reaches that point.

    • Yep. But I’m not sure that money was the cause. I think that’s the direction the creator wanted to go in, and it’s just not a crowd pleasing one.

      Real shame because the first 2/3 are up there with some of the best TV ever made, period. The beginning episodes in particular are like a 101 on how to set up incredibly compelling, watchable TV.

    • I’m on the minority that enjoyed those episodes. Maybe it was because when I watched the series I was already fully aware that the true ending of the series was the movies? Regardless, I enjoyed the weirdness and the way they illustrated some ontological musings. In particular, the idea that a person as we know them is a different being from the real person because it is a construct created from true but incomplete information of the other and our own feelings and assumptions about them had me ruminating for years past it. Rei’s own tri-partite nature was a brilliant metaphor for it.

      • Look at that.. 20 years on and I still have no clue wth is going on. And yet it’s still arguably my favourite anime

        • Haha yeah, to fully understand it, you have to read a fuckton of material not included in the series or movies. it’s a shame because it’s a really cogent and interesting story.

          What I meant about Rei is that she’s a patchwork person: her body is a clone of Yui Ikari, her soul is Lilith’s and her mind is the only thing that is her own.

          • And people were complaining when Destiny made you go to a website to get the full story? haha

            I remember Rei being a clone on Yui Ikari, but I must have forgotten/no processed/missed that her soul was Lilith.. *woosh*

          • Yeah, The End of Evangelion movie was all about that. Basically Shinji averted (or at least mitigated) the Third Impact by unknowingly being kind to Lilith while she was Rei. The outside material and some in-series clues point out to everything having been orchestrated by Yui Ikari herself.

    • The entire series was released on DVD in the early 2000s, and a Director’s Cut version was released in the late 2000s. I don’t believe it’s had a BRD release, but I could be wrong about that.

      • Yeah, the license was in limbo for a long time after the DVD releases but there was a BluRay release that was Japan only in 2015. (Most likely due to Khara having the license) You can still find copies online but it will most likely be super expensive due to the rarity. If we’re lucky, we may end up getting a Western release of the BluRay version once the final reboot episode comes out.

        • There is a blu-ray remastered box set, it was released in japan only afaik and has no subtitles (was disapppoint), but my god the quality is stunning. Im hoping they have used these masters and added subtitles over the top as the platinum dvd collection (us remastered dvds) aren’t as high of a quality.

  • Great news! I haven’t watched Evangelion since it aired on SBS in 1998/99.

    Cowboy Bebop next? Doesn’t matter to me because I have it on DVD, but since Samurai Champloo is on Netflix you’d think CB could come too.

  • I can’t wait to re-watch this with the wife! Except for, you know, that one gooey hand moment in the film. That was messed up.

    • Probably the single most self aware line from Shinji in that particular scene.

      But that’ still more character development than “I mustn’t run away” and screaming.

      • I think it was relating to his lack of control, self or otherwise. He was trapped for the entirety of the Instrumentality/EVA program and after (literally) running away during that one episode, he came back and sort of accepted his semi-prisoner status. But the time of that scene, he just followed his instinct (see boobs, get horny, whack off) and then shortly after realised what he had just done. Also, the shot of his hand covered in his jizz mirrors the scene of him holding up his bleeding hand in the very first episode. Maybe a life/death metaphor.

  • I was wondering how Netflix was going to fill the gaping hole left by Disney’s properties as they finally leave the service in their entirety. This is an unexpected but welcome answer.

  • I haven’t seen this since it aired on tv almost 20 years ago. I wonder if 35 year old me will like it as much as 15 year old me did.

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