There Are Uncharted Action Figures (and One Of Them Looks Awesome)

Cast those shitty Uncharted toys from your mind. At Comic-Con, Sony will be showing off the real deal.

In all, there'll be three different sets of Nathan Drake toys on show in San Diego: these vinyl pieces we first showed you back in 2009 (and which have subsequently been rebranded from Uncharted 2 toys to Uncharted 3 toys), a respectable attempt at recreating Uncharted 3's cover art by Mezco and the main event, a Nathan Drake figure from Square Enix's fancy toy line arm Play Arts.

The gallery above shows detail shots of both the new figures. The Mezco piece is the one standing on the sand base, while the Square Enix figure is the badass one with all the points of articulation.

You'll be happy to know that both get Drake's trademark half-tuck just right.


    Looks like he has really bad acne scarring.

      I thought that too. I'm actually not overwhelmed... and sad that that's the case.

      Could just be the photography though. Or it might be that they tried too hard to texture the stubble.

        High-res pics from a SLR camera will do that to any subject.

      Yeh, that's immediately what I thought as well.

    Sidenote: JB Hifi are selling an 'Explorer Edition' for Uncharted 3 for $209 AUD.
    It comes with a figurine (not the same as above, though) and a few other goodies.

      You can get the same thing for $99 US on and Amazon.

      The only catch is Amazon won't ship it to Australia and games universe will charge $30 US for the shipping.

    Why is there a close-up of his crotch? >__> I mean, thanks, but... Eh?

      The subject of the photo is the almighty 'Half-Tuck'

      The crotch is apparently included in the photo as bonus material.

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