When You Need Help Getting It Up

Spend any time in a major Japanese urban centre and you'll see him: the silver-haired, lab coat-wearing mascot for the Akahige Pharmacy. This ain't your typical pharmacy. That's okay, because Senran Kagura isn't your typical game.

The female characters in the 3DS game have giant breasts.

The idea for the game came to http://kotaku.com/5791945/what-this-man-really-wanted-was-to-see-breasts-in-3d>Senran Kagura after he spent 30 seconds thinking about what he'd like to see in glasses-free 3D (boobs).

The iconic Dr. Akahige mascot (北海道人の独り言) As part of the promotional tie-in for the game, Akahige Pharmacy is selling "Second Battle" Senran Kagura energy drinks. Akahige Pharmacy, "Red Bread Pharmacy", isn't named after the infamous pirate, but Shugoro Yamamoto's 1958 serialized novel The Tales Of Dr. Redbeard, which Akira Kurosawa later made into a feature film. The story follows a young doctor who becomes compassionate.

Akahige Pharmacy dispenses with its own compassions, namely over-the-counter fertility aids, lubes, penis pumps, and cock rings. As website Idle Idol points out, the shop dubs itself (in English) as an "energetic medicine speciality shop".

I'd dub it a place both men and women can buy sex aids.

Inside an Akahige Pharmacy (Akahige Blog) Shigeki Uchihara founded Akahige Pharmacy several decades ago in Nagoya. His mascot counterpart appears out front each Akahige Pharmacy, located across the country.

In the past, Akahige Pharmacy has run television commercials, had "image girls" like curvy Yuka Sawachi (models who appear in all the print ads and commercials), and televised variety programs.

Second battle... What could it mean? (オレ的ゲーム情報) Akahige Pharmacy current show, Beach 9 (above), is more late night innuendo, featuring a revolving array of porn stars, such as Maria Ozawa.

Akahige Pharmacy is selling one of its "second battle" tonics (GEDDIT?) re-branded a limited edition Senran Kagura energy drink, priced at arounds US$20 pop.

Second battle? That assumes the first one will be won.

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    I like Ms Ozawa.

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