Will You Help These Stupid Aliens Into Space?

Will You Help These Stupid Aliens Into Space?

Kerbal Space Program is a simple, free strategy game in which you’re in charge of an alien space program. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too complex. You just build rockets, and if they explode, you build a better one.

The core of the game is the space craft creation suite, which is essentially Spore’s Creature Creator, only with rockets. The idea is you build a rocket, then put three aliens in it and shoot it off into space. If it crashes, and they all die, try, try again! If it makes it into space, then you can attempt to actually get them home again.

Sounds simple, but there’s surprising depth to the game’s creation aspect, and given the fact you need to manually control the rocket, there’s some deft handling required of the launch section as well.

While the game is free for now, once the developers have it refined and polished enough for a proper release, they’ll be charging people for it. Though, the free version you download now will always remain free.

Kerbal Space Program is Windows-only, and you can download it in the link below.

Download Here [Official Site]


  • Found out about this via /v/ and its bloody addicting.
    Trying to find combo’s that arent too heavy, too top heavy, too flexible is a challenge in its self.
    Getting into space isnt hard, its getting there is style that is.

  • Two words: Jebediah Kerman.

    And if KSP whets your appetite for more free space-related goodness, download Orbiter.

  • It’s a thrilling moment when you meet a milestone; first successful orbit of the kearth, first successful mission to the mun. Can’t wait to see how they expand the game. I’m hoping for more sim elements like budgets, managing research of new technologies, missions etc.

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