A Shooter That's All About Mid-Air Rockets

There's been no shortage of attempts to bring arena shooters back. One new game is trying a different twist - it's focusing almost entirely on the rockets.

Made by Final Strike Games, Rocket Arena is a 3v3 game where players try to blast each other off the map with mid-air rockets. There's no hit points or health, but you'll lose a badge if you get knocked out of the arena.

There's four game modes listed currently: a co-op horde mode, a Unreal Tournament-style Rocketball, a basic team deathmatch and a domination-esque mode called "Mega Rocket". A free closed beta is running through Steam and the Nexon Launcher from May 23 to May 29, featuring six maps, six playable characters and the aforementioned modes.

There's a character that looks like they're firing rockets out of Mercy's staff. No idea whether this will pan out, but it'd be nice if someone could take a nugget or two of the old Quake formula and make it truly popular again.

Rocket Arena is being released for PC and Xbox One.


    This sounds amazingly like our group game-dev assignment back in uni, except that we were using gravity/reverse-gravity guns.

    One new game is trying a different twist - it's focusing almost entirely on the rockets.That feeling when people are too young to remember that Rocket Arena was a Quake mod from the late 90s.

      and an official update for the UT GOTYE

      …hopefully this refreshes the formula well enough like what modern Battle Royale did over just being a large map Last Man Standing

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