You Can Use Steam Keys On Origin

You Can Use Steam Keys On Origin

Here’s an interesting, if random, aspect to the brewing war between Valve’s Steam service and EA’s new rival, Origin: you can use keys from the former on the latter.

Running some tests on the competing platform, PC Gamer found that some Steam keys (the codes you can use to activate a downloadable copy of a game), for games like Battlefield Bad Company 2, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, Alice: Madness Returns and Dragon Age 2, worked when you used them on Origin.

That’s a neat touch. You’d expect, given the video game landscape in 2011, that EA would maybe make you buy your games all over again. Or delete vital system registry files out of spite for recognising the presence of Steam. But no, the fact the keys work all over again mean you can not only launch your Steam games from within Origin, but once launched you’ll be able to use Steam functions like in-game overlays.


EA Steam keys can be activated on Origin [PC Gamer]


    • Pretty much.

      Steam only has about 80 3rd party games that you can add in your own CD-Keys from retail copies, and it’s not a very recent list.

      They only add about 10 mediocre titles each year, and occasionally they won’t register in steam at all due to regional problems. here’s the link if you ever need a backup of the discs on steam or want achievements that steam provides, or something.

    • I concur. It’s pretty much EA trying to get people to feel better about using another service. Sorry, but I dislike having 1 game on Origin and the rest on Steam as much as having half-and-half.

    • Yes, I registered all my EA games onto EA Download Manager (EADM) from my Steam account, nothing new here (But I bet a lot of people didn’t know about it)

  • You do realise this has worked for every EA game sold on steam since at least as far back as Dragon Age?

  • After the SWTOR screw up I’m not touching origin …just shows EA will region lock games and given EAs known price fixing/ hiking/add tax for Australian’s it’s more reasons to not touch this pile of poo.

    • It’s valve, you could go at thier toe’s with a sledgehammer-chainsaw and they would’nt even notice, much less thier fan base. I honestly don’t think there is an orginisation in the world capable of taking them down, so it will be very easy to see how China’s final fight does when it releases

  • yeah but you can’t join games/servers that your friends are in straight from the steam friends list. which is more important that steam achievement system.

  • What no steam cloud. I think all games should try and support. I am sick of spending hours hunting down save game data nd then transfering it to a new install. Can Origin do this?

  • wait im confused..
    i have a copy of BFBC2 on steam, would this mean i could still put the key into origin and play on that? (given i dont play on steam at the same time?

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