Adrift Makes A Dirty Future Look Beautiful

Look out! It's a special Gamescom edition of Fine Art! And when we're talking about Dontnod's Adrift, fine is the optimal word.

As we saw in the game's debut trailer, all that's been released so far of Adrift's vision of a future Paris is concept art. Which for a feature about concept art is fine by us.

Dontnod's team of artists have created a stunning depiction of what they call Neo Paris, a grimy version of the French capital circa 2084. And you can get a good look at it in these pieces of art (some from the trailer, some not), all of which are at wallpaper size.


    Wow, gorgeous cityscape.

    Beautiful, can't get enough of this. Does anybody know any other websites with these kind of images?

    Frakin' rad!

    Found me some new wallpapers!

    When I see this it makes me think of syndicate for some reason

    Mass Effect 3?

      My bad. Spoke too soon. What I meant was, I hope ME3 looks something like this on Earth.

      I thought this was one of those articles showing off a game artist's talent.
      Does look great though.

    Wow! I cant believe my eyes! Hopefully the game looks close to this!!

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