Borderlands 2 En Route, Says Eurogamer

Eurogamer is reporting that a source close to the game has confirmed that Borderlands 2 is in development and that an announcement from publisher 2K Games is coming soon. We're checking with 2K and will update you with any news.


    Yesssssss. Hopefully they don't need DLC to make a decent boss fight this time round

    This is very good news. I hope it's got more of the rpg elements in it, the passive bonuses were cool, but I wouldn't of said no to a few more "skills" I could make use of. Making use of the open environment would be great too.

    I kinda miss claptrap now that I think about it.


    Borderlands is one of my favorite games of all time. The 2k team should be very proud of putting out such a beloved game out there.

    Borderlands is one of the few games ive played multiple times and still sit down to play it on a regular basis.

    The DLC was awesome, my mate and I sometimes play co-op and we do the entire zombie DLC in an evening. incredibly it never gets dull.

    I had some issues with the game, the limited class system kind of annoyed me, there was not enough difference between the classes, the system felt clunky and a bit slow.

    Still, one of the best games i've played in a long time.

    Many people seem to share the same sentiments here. I loved Borderlands, I always love some RPG in my shooter and I'm a sucker for endless loot drops. Been waiting for an announcement of the sequel for a while.

    Would love to see some more skills in the game but I think the core gameplay could stay pretty much the same and keep me entertained. What I would really love to see that was originally dropped was the randomised world, like Diablo had. Though it was no doubt dropped due to how complex putting something like that together in a full 3D game would be, I would still love to see it done.

    Show equipped armor, more interesting skill trees and don't use GameSpy.

      You might as well play Diablo. The fact that i didn't have to sit down and work out which armour i wanted and which one was best was liberating. The health bonus item was enough.

      Too many RPG elements would crush the fluidity of the game. Character customisation is where it should head, instead of just changing colours. :S

    Yeah, this game sucked me in and didn't let go :) So very much looking forward to the sequel. And yeah, I miss Claptrap too.

    To my shame, I am still yet to play Borderlands.

    Is it something I should definitely be playing?

      I say YES. That is, if open worlds, loot drops and quest systems do anything for you.

        I would say they definitely do something for me ;)


    But seriously... only a couple of things gameplay-wise I really wanted to see from a new Borderlands - fix class skill balance (ie. Brick) and explosives (ie. make rockets useful, bring back the abandoned grenade launcher concept, tweak protean grenades) and add a couple more weapon classes.

    Personally I'd love to see chemical throwers (flamethrowers/fireball launchers/etc. that are always elemental) and human energy weapons (pulse rifles/beam lasers etc.).
    Eridian weapons were kinda okay but there was no real middleground for usefulness - in the base game I never used them because the couple available weren't much good, and with Knoxx I found an Eridian shotgun that fired bouncing ball lightning and barely used anything since except when dealing with shock resistant enemies! (plus Eridians seemed a little buggy sometimes - like invisible or teleporting projectiles)

    oh but it would be nice to see random vehicles done like the weapon systems - maybe give a bit of a GTA vibe dealing with faction tanks and buggies


    Here's hoping they take the randomization aspect of the weapons from the first game and go mental with it here.

    Also, just in case you're listening Gearbox: Please let us put weapons we've collected on the turret. That would be fantastic.

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