Brown Badasses Are Back: Gears Of War 3 Campaign Screens

I recently got myself in a bit of hot water by mentioning I wasn't all that excited for Gears of War 3. I didn't mean it as an insult. It's just that there are a million interesting new games coming out this year that hold the promise of new experiences, while Gears is going to be more, well, Gears.

But then I start looking through these screenshots and thinking I'd really like to put some bullets into that big Huttese slimeball's soft outer carapace and all of the sudden I'm kind of looking forward to Gears again. Especially since the co-op campaign is my favourite part!

Welcome back to my heart, Gears. (As if I'm going to have time to play you!)


    The first two were too... bromance-ish to me. This one however got some tough chicks duking it out with big guns. Bring on the game! :D

      Apart from the "brothers to the end" part, the primary plot thread of this game will be exploring Fenix's Chester-Bennington-Level Daddy Issues, so yeah, its still going to be swimming in the (totally PLATONIC!!! I SWEAR!!!) manlove.

      Anya's presence is probably serving the same purpose as Maria's presence in Gears 2; to deter speculation that Marcus and Dom are gay for each other (yes, that bit in the Gears novels where Dom goes on about how perfectly and startlingly blue Marcus' eyes are SAYS NOTHING AT ALL! REALLY! THEY ARE BOTH TOTALLY 100% HETEROSEXUAL! HONESTLY!!!).

      As for the pics, I'm just glad there are some more Baird pictures there. He's the only character I don't want to see get repeatedly dismembered.

    No trolling srsly...but..*sigh*...more of the same. I will play it though. Played all the others.

      What were you expecting, some kind of horse training game?
      Or maybe a bunch of de Blob style creatures to rock up and paint the world bright colours?

        Yeah. So what if I was?

    urgh.. i don't wanna see guy skin, geez. Put that armour back on

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