Capcom Quashes Hopes Of Mega Man Legends 3’s Return

Capcom Quashes Hopes Of Mega Man Legends 3’s Return

Despite a push by tens of thousands of fans to revive recently cancelled Capcom game Mega Man Legends 3, the Japanese developer tells Kotaku that they have no plans to resume development.

“We are aware of the fan created Facebook page requesting that we resume development of Mega Man Legends 3,” Capcom spokesman Brian Keltner told Kotaku Monday afternoon. “While Capcom has a built a strong relationship with its community and values their feedback, Mega Man Legends 3 development has officially ceased without plans to resume development.”

Keltner also pointed Kotaku to the game’s Dev Room where the team explained the decision last month.

“There are tough realities in this industry that are largely left unpublicised for a good reason — because they’re tough,” Capcom community liaison Greg Moore wrote. All games go through a multi-stage approval process, but most games are not brought to the public’s attention until that final approval has been met. With Mega Man Legends 3, exposing the fans to that process was part of the project’s core concept — to show everybody what it really means to create a game. We were all in it together here, for better or worse, and now together we must accept the outcome that many games ultimately face.”

Shortly after news of the game’s cancellation hit, fans created a Facebook page to try and convince Capcom to continue developing the game. The goal of the “100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3” is to have 100,000 Facebook users “like” the page. Currently 36,713 people like the page.

Keltner’s comments today, in response to questions about putting the game back into development in light of so much fan support, seems to nix any hope of a fan-driven grass-roots movement changing Capcom’s mind about the future of the title.


  • Well ain’t that a b***h! xD

    I’m waiting for the fallout for this news to circulate among the MM fans.. and they definitely will not be pleased.

    That being said.. I somehow doubt this would completely kill all the MML3 stuff going on.
    Heck Ninty has pretty much said “No” to project rainfall and their still trying! xD

  • “We’re sorry guys, but don’t worry, you still have the rehashes of Dead Rising 2 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 to look forward to!”

    I’m done with Capcom.

  • Sometimes capcom amaze me, they keep working on a title that no one asked for (DMC reboot) and kill the one everyone had been asking for 10 years.

  • WOW my hopes and dreams are crushed just like my sanity. “The Brain twists and turns to deal with the hardship of life but it can only twist and turn so much untill it snaps” I seem to want to start a killing spree on capcom………..DmC style…….with the white hair.

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