Mega Man Fans, Capcom Is Reading Your Mail. All Of It.

Mega Man Fans, Capcom Is Reading Your Mail. All Of It.

Ever since Mega Man Legends 3 was canned, fans of the franchise have been going bananas, wondering how Capcom could ever do such a thing.

(It may have something to do with the fact Mega Man fans aren’t as numerous as they think!)

While that’s resulted in the expected amount of angry words typed anonymously on the internet, a few people took matters a little more seriously and sent Capcom letters. Real, paper letters.

What’s more, some of them look like they’re nice! Pretty sketches, fancy letterhead and long, considered arguments helping achieve the personal touch that internet petitions are so lacking in.

Capcom is reading each and every single one of these letters, and while the company remains adamant it won’t be revisiting the project, Capcom’s senior VP Christian Svensson says in response to the letters “I am personally working to help please MM fans once again at some point.”

Capcom could not confirm whether that meant toasting the letters on Turkish bread shortly after this photo was taken.

Just wanted to say… [Capcom]


  • You know… I give concessions to Kotaku’s articles from wacky to informative given its not a “full” jouranalist site..

    That being said… way to honestly troll some readers right there =/ I mean first you hook them in by posting a nice headline about Cap paying attention to at least some of what people say.. and then follow up w/ a nice rubbing of salt and snide trolling!

    Brilliant piece of writing I say! >.>

  • Games getting cancelled happens all the time. It’s always behind close doors and the public never hears about most of them. Even the Resident Evil series has been scrapped numerous times and recreated from scratch.

    The difference here though is that they let the fans in on the project, long before it was in a real playable state, when they shouldn’t have from the beginning.

    • +1 on that..

      Thats really the biggest can of worms here. My theory is Inafune probably tried the same maverick approach he did donkeys years ago of pushing through w/ a project and “force” the board to approve like w/ Dead Rising and Lost Planet.

      Seeing as he left tho…

  • i know this not a Capcom game but what the hell happened to the series that i like (mostly PS1’s) Tecmos Deceptions, Blood Omen Legacy of Kain, Vagrant Story, Clock Towers, Xenogears (not Saga!!), Brave Fencer Musashi, and a proper Parasite Eve?

  • I will keep writing this in every MM article, how come they cancel this that no fan dislikes, and yet keep doing that shit DMC reboot nobody wants?

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