Epic Games Has Something All-New In The Works After Gears 3

The people who make Gears of War (and Unreal Tournament, Infinity Blade) also have a "new unannounced IP in development" at its North Carolina HQ, according to a gameplay programmer job opening. Surprising? Not really. But intriguing? Oh yes!


    Hahaha, one sentence?! Someone needs to link Serrels' articles to Mssrs. McWhertor, Plunkett, and Ashcraft.

    I think we just need an identifier in the title, Stub Article would be enough to know that we don't have to click it.

    an ALL-NEW Unreal Tournament!!! BOOM!

      It's an 'new unannounced IP', although they may be using that as a cover.

    Successful, wealthy developer announces it won't shut its doors after third installment in wildly popular franchise: pundits shocked.

    I know a guy whose brother's best mate's girlfriend's cousin works at Epic. Apparently this new game involves shooting stuff. Remember where you heard it first, folks!

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