Kinect Gears Of War Game Cancelled

Kinect Gears Of War Game Cancelled

Around a year ago, we brought you a look at a new Gears of War title being developed at Epic Games and designed to take advantage of Microsoft’s Kinect technology. It looked pretty silly, something Microsoft and/or Epic obviously agreed with, because the game — called Gears of War: Exile — sounds like it’s ended up in the bin.

Speaking at PAX, Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski said “Let’s just bury the hatchet now. Gears of War: Exile was an unannounced game that I can’t give any details about that has since been cancelled.”

While Bleszinski won’t say much about the game, we heard Exile was an on-rails shooter. Demo footage we saw last year, which was from a very early version of a very early test for a Gears Kinect title, showed players “acting out” the role of Marcus Fenix in a sequence recylced from the beginning of Gears of War 2.

It was unclear just how far along, or even how far removed, Exile ended up being from that initial test.

Gears of War: Exile cancelled [GameSpot]


  • What this really tells me is not just that Gears of War Kinect was a poor idea (which wa spretty obvious), but that developers of so-called “core” games are losing interest and faith in the peripheral. Microsoft had best be somewhat worried about this; it means they’ll have a very hard time basing their next console around it, if that is what they’re intending to do after all.

  • its shame but kinect just isn’t accurate enough for decent games. It has fun title like fruit ninja but trying do something serious with it is always under par. Even my head tracking with forza 4 has been so difficult to implement / setup / keep working that most of the time I’m just turning it off. Maybe kinect 2 will give us what we want but not this generation I don’t think.

  • Such a terrible idea it was. I’m glad it got canned, I’d hate to have to miss out on some GoW related thingamajoo just because it was on Kinect.

  • This game always looked rubbish, and I suspect it was canceled because they couldn’t make Kinect work. With halfway decent controls and gameplay this game would have potentially sold big numbers and I reckon Epic just didn’t want to release a shitty game branded with their most bankable franchise.
    How much fun would the average Gears of War player have pretending to talk to someone on a headset?.

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