Femshep Is Now Officially A Redhead

When BioWare let fans decide what the 'official' Femshep would look like via Facebook, there was a bit of backlash - a backlash towards the whole process, and the fact they were changing her from the default female option in Mass Effect 1 and 2, then a little bit of a kerfuffle when the blonde won. Then BioWare moved the goalposts - that vote was just for the facial structure, they claimed, before asking us to vote on the colour of Femshep's hair.

When will the madness end?

Now, apparently, after BioWare has now announced that voting on the hair colour of Femshep has been closed. She is now officially a redhead!

To celebrate Bioware has released the concept art, which looks great -- obviously -- but we can't help but wonder about the whole process. Why not go with the original default option, and is it wise to throw the 'canon' version of a main character to a vote?

Any thoughts?

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    I figure that since everyone who cares should already have their own character, the whole thing shouldn't matter.

    I'll be sticking with my derpy male Shepard.

      Man has a point. When you have character customization it seems strange to have such a fuss about the default. Still, Redhead is nice.

      Blaghman,i've seen your player characters, they ALL look derpy.

    It was just an exercise in social media marketing, mission successful I'd say. Because everyone knows it doesn't matter, who picks the default anyway.

      I go with the default, simply because it's the only face available that doesn't have that Identikit NPC feel to it

      According to resarch done by Bioware, a lot of people. They even found out that 70% of all players selected the "Soldier" class, as it's the default option and many players don't get RPGs and just want to play Call of Duty.

        I haven't played Mass Effect, but if soldier seems like the obvious choice then it's probably going to be a safe bet for a best-designed campaign (assuming BioWare put the most effort into what they think most people are going to see).

          Soldier is basically just shoot everything that moves.
          Kind of a shame, they create a world where people can hack robots, disable weapons, create barriers, use telekinesis, create drones, teleport, and the majority of players just play it like Call of Duty.

            You know you can give your team orders right, to do all that stuff? :p

    kerfuffle, indeed.

    That. Is. Delightful! Love redheads haha. I've been thinking of replaying ME2 as a female - maybe I'll model her on this so I can pick default when ME3 comes out =)

    I like the result!

    It does align with my Femshep, who I'm currently playing through ME2 with, who is also a redhead :P

    Much prefer it over the blonde. Although they should've just gone with Crabcat's Femshep (http://crabcat.tumblr.com/). After all she's an epic cosplayer!

      What, this? http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/9285266514/4/tumblr_lqdce7V3ua1qf1a8d :P

        Her jaw is squarer than BroSheps :S

        Hahah yes :P

    I would rather play a game that didn't use social media to vote in the looks of one of the main characters. Thank god the blond one never succeeded though, red-head-fem-shep is bad ass.

    If only this kind of effort had gone into making a worthwhile collectors edition. :S

    I'm probably the only person that plays the default male shep...

    Now that I own ME1 and 2 on PC though I will probably play through as Fem Shep, will have to make a gorgeous red-head!

      Nah, I use Default Male Shep. His voice doesn't suit any other faces

    So if you used default femshep for ME1 and ME2, will she look the same or will she change to the redhead?

      I'm guessing she'll stay the same, since Femshep's model was built using the in-game customisation, so she has a code you can use to recreate her if you want - she's not a specially modelled face like Manshep was.

      I'm guessing if you import, you get the same old default - if you create new, or tell it to use default, you get new Redshep.

        That's what I figured - which means the only difference is in the marketing material for legacy players...

          As far as I know, Femshep will appear on the cover art for the collector's edition - that's it. That's what all the fuss is about.

    Last i checked, the "canon" Shepherd is male anyway

      There's no such thing as 'canon' Shep. That's ridiculous.


        The advertising material doesn't equal 'canon'.

        Indeed. That's what's so great about Mass Effect! Everyone's Shep is canon Shep.

    A red-head? yeuk!

    I had been looking forward to ME3 quite a bit before this. Now I just have a sour taste in my mouth about the game.

    Between Dragon Age 2 and this nonsense, I am nearly over Bioware at this stage.

    (my FemShep was a redhead in ME2 BTW)

    she has no soul

      She's a redhead not a ginger :P



        I fully expected the ginger to be a pic of me!

          You mean it's not?

          I can never tell, all you gingers look the same.

    Damn Ginge! Thought genetic disorders were removed in the future.

    As a blonde female Mass Effect fan, the backlash was pretty stupid. So all blondes are helpless and not so bright? Way to reinforce the stereotype you "hate" so much guys.

      I'm a blonde female gamer as well but I don't see the issue being that blonde wasn't picked because we are "helpless and not so bright." I see it as the majority chose blonde because they considered it the best model - which, stereotypically, tends to be the case when you let people vote on appearance. There's a reason why the term "hot blonde" exists.

      So the problem (if we were to continue your argument) becomes more "why didn't you pick red in the first place?" and less "why u no pick blonde?"

      There were also six FemShep models to choose from; four of them were white (five, if you considered one as just a 'tanned' model). I think if you want to discuss stereotypes and unfair judgement, that's the bigger issue here and not her damn hair colour.

    Hrmm.. but it's just the "default".. it's not like you can't change it... or that your previously created character from ME1&2 gets changed.. it's just the default.. where is the problem??

    I'll be using the same Femshep that I have used in the other 2 games. And she isn't this 'official' one. Long live the true Femshep!!!!

    Wow gee gaming nerds picked the redhead, stop the f*ckin presses...

    Looks just like my renegade femshep. Booyeh!

    This is ridiculous. We all know women change their hair colour all the time by dying it different colours anyway.

      Ha! Good call. I didn't even consider that. Regardless, this chick will never be FemShep to me, just like ManShep never looked like the guy on the box either.

    Looks a lot like my femshep :DDDD

    woooohooo red got in! i feel like my vote might of counted... lol

    My femshep has red hair and the same hair style but now it's mainstream I'm going to have to change it.

    RangaShep.. she'll have to sprint through the outdoor areas to prevent sunburn.

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