Gamescom 2011 Starts Now

While a few companies held press conferences and showcase events yesterday, today we're off to the Koelnmesse for the first day of the actual show.

We're leaving, oh, around now, so for the next 12 hours we'll be playing games, looking at games, talking to people who make games and then writing all about, it right here.

So stay tuned! Should be a lovely day

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    Battlefield 3 and ToR updates are most welcome. Throw in a bit of Skyrim for good measure.

    D3 news plox :D

    Isn't there supposed to be a big Relic announcement at GamesCom? Do. Want.

    Project Redlime time!

      Bingo! Sod the rest of it, where's my Syndicate remake???

    What other conferences are there other than the ea and sony ones that have already happend?

    News about the rumoured Syndicate reboot?

    Yes, please try to find out everything you can about the Syndicate reboot! ;)

    What about Syndicate reboot?

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