German TV Show Apologises To Gamers For Hurt Feelings

Last night we pointed out this video from Germany's RTL Television which seemed to delight in mocking the "computer freaks" that attended last week's Gamescom in Cologne. Today the show is apologising for their bad judgement in airing it.

In a very short stand up, one of the news announcers had this to say today, according to a reader, tipster and translator:

"And now it is time for a correction of our own account. Maybe you've seen our report about the Gamescom last week. In this report we generalised and exaggerated and if we hurt any feelings we're awfully sorry."

Maybe next year they'll put more effort into covering a blossoming culture and less into mocking it.

Thanks Chris!

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    "Maybe next year they’ll put more effort into covering a blossoming culture and less into mocking it." Well said.

    I heard everything he said!

      I heard what you said in Freak Show's voice... spooky.

        I wonder if he has a hot and utterly bangable wife.

    I can translate. "Turns out a lot of people play games and our advertisers are unhappy with what we said"

    "Oops - we insulted a large proportion of our audience".

    We don't help our own cause by using the word 'gamers' though ;)

    Honestly, does anyone even care anymore? I think that we as gamers have come to accept the fact that what we do will not be accepted for a while yet.

    Those crazy Germans and their "Good-looking blondes making fun of everyone else" antics...

      The whacky master race at it again

    RTL is one of the worst things we have here in Germany.. This station is like the Hitler of TV.. This was not the first time they did this.. They hurt ppl every day and I'm sure they will use that cheap entertainment in future.. But I guess some ppl (most likely those that are.. let's just say.. "not that intelligent") like that kind of crap and just don't take a second to reflect about what they saw on TV or heard in the radio... Those kind of "zombies" are the same, that just blindly follow their leaders in wars (and as a German I have to say that's part of why all those bad things instructed by Hitler happend)

    But eventually Anonymous will do something - at least they claim to never forgive and forget and they announced to "punish" RTL in some way after that :D

    BTW the one show was not the only one showing Gamescom - another one (also on RTL) shows how gamers "are not interested in girlfriends" ;-)

    It's only this stupid RTL which brings up s**t like that. We hate them for doing this!
    Believe me, it's a VERY hot topic for all german gamers at the moment. And even if they apologized - so far I haven't met anyone who believes that they really are sorry.

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