Goodbye Pikachu Rip-Off! It's Been Fun.

Earlier this month, Japanese netizens noticed that a mascot created to promote the environment in Japan's Yamaguchi Prefecture looked a helluva lot like Pikachu.

The character's name is Eco-chan and was unveiled late last year. When the character's wearable suit was created, a city staffer said that it looked like Pikachu. However, the person who did the original illustration apparently had never heard of Pikachu.

Then the Japanese TV news media noticed. And now, Pokémon noticed because as of this week, the prefecture will no longer use the wearable Eco-chan costume. The character's illustration will continue to be used, however, to raise awareness of the environment and ripping people off.

エコハちゃん 着ぐるみは使わず、市が方針 - 宇部日報 [宇部日報]

(Top photo: オレ的)


    >never heard of Pikachu

    To somehow miss /that/ merchandising juggernaut for fifteen years, environmentalists much be an impossibly out-of-touch group. :P

    That was one way to go.

    Alternatively they could have made a cousin of the pikachu family pokemon called Ecochu and supported the idea and earnt a bunch of good will for helping the environment.

    But nah, let's just send in the lawyers. Got to protect the kiddy extortion racket.

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