In The Future, Video Games Will Call You A Big Fat Liar

Predicting the future is a tricky business. Back to the Future is a case in point - I was promised hoverboards yet science failed to deliver. Now, at a behind closed doors panel, SEGA boss Shuhei Yoshida has claimed that in ten years times video games would feature "almost dangerous kinds of interactivity".

Of course, it sounds like hyperbole, but 10 years is a long time.

Mick Hocking thinks that we'll see a level of technology capable of telling whether or not a player, or participant is lying.

"Having a camera being able to study a player’s biometrics and movements [is possible] ," he claimed "so perhaps you can play a detective game that decides whether you’re lying due to what it reads from your face."

In the future, sociopaths are going to be so good at video games.

Sony: Future game tech could read your emotions [Develop]


    But, but... then, people will practice their lying and become better liars and video games will become responsible not only for the violence of delinquents, but also for the rampaging breakdown of marriages and the family unit and the ultimate downfall of society and the entire universe in perpetuity forever and ever. Amen.

      What we *really* need are games that think of the children.

        Unless of course the games think of the children as being 'delicious' or 'a good alternative fuel source'.

      But then the politicians who rave about these things can be hooked up to the game to detect the level of bullshit that is spweing out of their mouths, resulting in them claiming how the technology is too inaccurate, thus disproving their original claims.

    Dangerous levels of interactivity? So if I'm playing as Yoshimitsu in yet to be announced, Tekken VR, I can stab myself for real?

    The wonders of technology.

    Biometics and date being feed from the player to the games advanced AI to tailor the gaming experience to the current mood of the player is the next evolution of gaming.

    And honestly cant wait.

    Wouldn't all players playing a fictional detective game be lying? Since they aren't really police or criminals?

    Unless he means a truth or dare style party game.

    THAT could be dangerous :P

    Is it 2015 yet?


    Then keep the faith Mark! :-)

    How else will Mattel know there's still a market for these things?! ;-)

    And yet, this technology would inbevidably appear in only 2 places.
    1.) Stupid 'Truth or Dare' patrty games.
    2.) New 'Lie Detector' DRM

    And yet, this technology would inbevidably appear in only 2 places.
    1 - Lame'Truth or Dare' patrty games.
    2 - New 'Lie Detector' DRM

    Just had an image of my wife cornering me in the kitchen, 'who ate the doughnuts in the pantry?',
    'I don't know, probably the kids', then a holographic pokemon popping out of my handheld and shrieking, 'He sooo lieing!'.

    Lets all face some hard truths, the amount of jacking off, wang revealing and other questionable behaviour will halt the development of this sort of technology to a certain point.

    eg. Chat roulette.

    We will, its called the Wii Vitality Sensor. Coming out in 10 years.

    Why would you play a game that tries to figure out if you're lying?

    I can only suspect the cause will lie with what will probably be called generation Z and how they will create demand for things that make the world more terrible than things generation Y did.

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