Indie Darling Limbo Speeds To Steam

Having already charmed countless Xbox Live and PlayStation Network players, Playdead's starkly beautiful Limbo is now available for $US9.99 on Steam, boasting the only version of the game to run at 60 frames per second. Hopefully that'll fix the flickering.


    How does such a shitty looking game not run with goop fps on consoles. Pretty sure the dudes who made it are just shit at porting.

      Guy the developers wanted it to look that way. As a person who has played the game start to finish I think the visuals look great. They suit there purpose to create an atmosphere.

        Just finished this a couple of days ago. I thought it looked beautiful.

    Nice troll lad. Ever thought that was a specific art direction?

    I think what he means is that for a game with such a simplistic look (we know it was intentional and he doesn't imply that he thought otherwise either) it seems ridiculous that it couldn't run at 60fps on consoles.

      "such a shitty looking game" doesn't imply otherwise? :S
      however i do agree the graphics are simple and i would of assumed the 360 would handle it at 60fps

        How would it imply otherwise?

          "Such a shitty looking game" != "graphics are simple".

            Again, how does saying it looks shitty imply that he didn't know the art style was intentional?

    "Shitty" suggests crap, low quality, below par, average, etc... not simple, basic or artistic.
    If was to say to you, you have a shitty looking house, how would you take it?

      Lol wtf?

      I'll try wording this differently AGAIN;

      How does saying "shitty looking game" mean that he was unaware that the art style was intentional?

    ok ill try one one time.
    conversational example
    "hey dude2 thats a shitty looking car you have. says dude1"
    "dude1, its ment to look that way... gasps dude2"

    "hey dude2 thats a simple design you have on that car, explaines dude1"
    "thanks dude1, dude2 says happily"

    now if that doesnt show reasonable doubt then im sorry i said anything.
    Good day

      In the context of talking about Limbo, his sentence gives heavy implication to the simplistic nature of the game's graphics (and obviously also adds that he is not fond of the style). To not see that shows a vast lack of comprehension on one's behalf.

      So one more time I'll say it; how does his opinion of the graphics somehow mean that he must not know that the style of the graphics was intentional.

    eloquently made point.
    i agree what you say is true and can be taken in that context, however the words used, whilst clearly show a dislike towards the style (which we agree on), they dont not show without a doubt full understanding. to not see that shows a lack of understanding in regards to tone

    So instead of me trying to prove he doesn't know is was intentional, i would ask you to prove that he knows it was.

      Of course his words don't show that he did know it was intentional design "without a doubt" but common sense dictates he would be aware of that.

      It's an indie title, the guy reads Kotaku, he can operate a keyboard, he at least has a basic understanding of "porting" titles and fps.

      I mean really, the obvious answer is normally the right one, sure there are exceptions but to immediately assume he didn't know it was intentional is jumping to the wrong end of a scale.

      Or to pull a Dr. Cox; when you hear hooves you think "horse" not "zebra".

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