Is This Our First Glimpse At Rockstar’s Agent?

Is This Our First Glimpse At Rockstar’s Agent?
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Gamersmint has just published a handful of screenshots it believes are from Rockstar’s Agent, a game that has been missing in action since its announcement in 2009.

The images come from the online portfolio of Leigh Donoghue, an environment artist posting up samples of his work on a personal profile online. Donoghue has worked across various different jobs at Rockstar North, Krome, and KMM.

We had heard rumblings that Agent was actually a code name for L.A. Noire, when it was still a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Take Two has since confirmed that the game is still in development.

It’s worth noting however, that Donoghue left Rockstar North in late 2009, so these pics do not reflect the final product in any way shape or form. With no official screenshots being released, we have absolutely no idea what Agent looks like at this moment in time.

Donoghue has since removed the Agent screens from his profile. We’ve been in contact with Rockstar, who declined to comment.

First artwork of PS3 exclusive Agent revealed [Gamersmint]


  • Kinda pretty, but I wish that we knew something about the game. Seems like I’ve been hearing that name since GTAIV dropped, but there’s never been any solid details, jsut assumptions.

    L.A. Noire was originally supposed to be a PS3-exclusive, something Rockstar promised (if I recall correctly) to Sony to kind of keep them happy after some controversy with the release of GTAIV.

    When L.A. Noire went multiplatform, I think people assumed PS3-exclusivity transferred to Agent or GTA5 (or even both). Anyone heard anything more about that?

    I also recall people trying to rile up Xbox fans by suggesting the money Microsoft spent for ‘exclusive’ GTAIV DLC went towards the development of the allegedly PS3-exclusive Agent instead of, you know, the episodic DLC content Rockstar made for GTAIV… not the most substantive argument, that one.

    • I think the story is something like LA Noire was PS3 exclusive but due to the high costs it went multi-platform and somehow Agent was instead promised as an exclusive.

      Though Jack Trenton said he isn’t sure if it is exclusive, but R* said it still was. But I don’t know which of those stories came first though.

    • LA Noire was going to be a PS3 exclusive because Sony were publishing it. Somewhere along the way Rockstar stepped in to clean up the mess. There was a back-and-forth for a couple of years, confirming then denying its availability on 360, then they realised it was probably better business-wise to make it multi-platform.

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