It's Doctor Strange Vs Nemesis In Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

The latest pair of fighters revealed in Capcom's long and somewhat embarrassing square off in this Gamescom edition of Yes, We Already Know About the New Characters in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

In one corner we have Nemesis, a biological weapon created by the Umbrella Corporation during their white hot "Let's F**k Up Everything" marketing campaign. In the other corner, we have Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, which just means he's a regular sorcerer with tomatoes and sour cream.

Ready? Fight!


    Calling it: Dr. Strange is the new Magneto

    Looks good. I've wanted to get back into the fighting game genre for a while now. So I'll be picking this up as soon as it's released. I'll also get SSF4:AE whenever ozgameshop decides to have some.

    I think I'll wait for the Super Hyper Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Alpha Plus Turbo Edition.

      This. Once I know there will be no more crap added and then brought out as a whole new game that I have to buy seperately then I'll purchase it.


      i'd like to pull out the old "this is exactly the same as modern warfare" argument, but that's become even more Cliche than your joke -_-

        Oh but it's ok for Battlefield to not improve? Sure CoD doesn't have a major graphics overhaul but it always has big gameplay changes. BF though has remained the same console-simplified shite for the last two games and BF3 is looking to be the same. YAY for double standards.


    I had a suspiscion this edition would come out. It was why I delayed my purchase of the game, and I'm glad I did. With the Phoenix Wright hype from Tetsunoko(?) Vs Capcom, there was no way they were gonna leave him out.

    The game still feels incomplete without some version of Megaman (no, Zero doesn't count).

      Yeah.. i really did love megaman :(

    Regarding Nemesis vs Strange being unfair...

    well we did have them pit The muthafukin HULK against Chris...whose biggest achievement is discovering that household pot plants is the cure to zombie infection.

    Other than that... The shipyard fight stage looks horribel!

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