KMM In The Process Of Acquiring Team Bondi And Its Assets

KMM In The Process Of Acquiring Team Bondi And Its Assets

Develop has reported that Team Bondi is in the process of selling its assets and IP to KMM, confirming our story last week that reported claims that Team Bondi was being absorbed by George Miller’s game studio.

According to the source, the remaining staff members at Team Bondi have all been offered jobs at KMM. Brendan McNamara is expected to be among the developers moving across to work at KMM.

Rockstar is in possession of the L.A. Noire IP, meaning it will not be affected by the acquisition.

Team Bondi ‘sells off assets and IP’ [Develop]

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  • Brendan McNamara is being offered a job? well what ever game he is in charge off count me out of buying out of protest to shit bosses.

    • They’ll put him to work on the Happy Feet 2 game, which will turn out even worse than the movie which already looks atrocious.

        • Exactly. Karma in action, folks.

          After McNamara ships Happy Feet 2 they’ll put him to work on Happy Feet Kinect. He’ll beg for death long before he is granted it.

  • Brendan McNamara is to be offered a job? That makes no sense……

    If he was the one that effectively destroyed the possibility of continuing development with Rockstar and led to the company being merged, why would they offer him a job? I hope that doesn’t mean he will be in charge of any actual games being developed.

    • Just because he’s a bad manager, doesn’t make him a bad worker.
      His actions will likely mean he never has a management position again, but it would be a waste to drop someone with useful skills just because some are bad. Especially if he’s willing to put in the hours he was forcing others to work.

      • We can only hope that’s true, even just for the sake of comeuppance.

        It seems odd though that KMM were being pretty frugal in their hiring of staff only a few months ago (from friends applying), and now they are taking on all this lot.

      • That is True. However i feel this is one of those “See it to believe it” situations.

        If he takes on a game management role at the new company and he doesn’t continue his ways from Bondi, then yeah i would agree it was a good decision. But i’ll wait till i see that happen before i call it a good decisions though 🙂

  • The Happy Feet 2 game is actually being developed in the old Krome building in Brisbane (operating as KMM now), from what I’ve heard.

  • He is a perfect manager. He’s a sociopath. He cares not for his workers health or happiness.
    He doesn’t give a fuck what you think about him or if he’s taking time away from you.
    These traits are looked fondly upon when you are looking to hire a manager.

    • If you can get away with it, yes. But if you burn every bridge along the way and gain the kind of publicity he has in the past few months, I can see it as looking like a poor PR move.

  • I find this hard to believe KMMG will also cease to exist after October this year. At least that’s what staff have been told.

  • I know people are entitled to their opinions in the comments but isnt some of this stuff on the border line of ‘defamation’? Should Kotaku really be approving comments which calls Brendan McNamara a ‘sociopath’?
    I think gamers have unfairly jumped on the bandwagon of abusing this guy on the internet even though they have never met him personally.
    A few months back everyones praising this game, the story, how its evolved technologies – but as soon as they find out McNamara wrote the script – suddenly LA Noire and Team Bindi (company) are rubbish. Talk about sheep.

    • We’re trying out user moderated comments – if you see something you think we should check, please click the report button. Thanks!

    • “but as soon as they find out McNamara wrote the script”

      Have you read any of the other articles here about McNamara? The quality of the game here is NOT what is at question. The ‘defamation’ being aimed at him here is practically justified, thanks to the public image he’s given himself.

      We didn’t just up and hate on him, the wolf among the sheep is clearly visible.

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